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  • Mother's Day 2021

    A Journey to Motherhood

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    Becoming a Mom.

    Mother’s Day is a celebration of women from all walks of life. It is a day dedicated to honour the contributions of mothers in society. Our Mother's Day collection is inspired by the  unconditional love of moms and to celebrate their journey in motherhood. This year, one of our very own - Chanel is embarking on the journey of motherhood. 

    Chanel found out that she was expecting her first child, both her parents and in-laws were unable to be by her side due to tight border controls in light of Covid-19. Being a young mum, she had to navigate her pregnancy (all the nausea and physical changes) without much guidance. She relied on online material and advice from her mom through video calls to get by her first two trimesters. Thankfully, the pandemic improved and her mom managed to travel back to Singapore as she nears her delivery date in June.


    She shared that prior to pregnancy, she never fully grasped the struggles that many pregnant women had to go through. “I did hear about how it can be a painful 9 months, having to face morning sickness everyday, or having to endure backaches as the tummy grows. But I always felt that perhaps it was exaggeration and that it will not be that bad when it's my turn. (I was very wrong.)”

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    “Now that I am 7.5 months along, I have to say that these bodily changes and pains are very real and can be quite overwhelming to handle sometimes. I have a new-found respect for my mum, and all mums, who had to sacrifice so much just to give us life. Aside from the pregnancy itself, there are also many other things to consider like preparing the nursery, baby-proofing the home, infant care placement, and just adjusting our lives to prepare for the birth of our boy.”

    “It’s been frightening and exciting so far, and although it has not been the easiest journey, my husband and I get teary-eyed whenever we think about meeting our baby for the very first time. We will take on parenthood to the best of our abilities and hopefully, we will be good parents to Tobias!”

    This Mother's Day, show your appreciation to the Queen of your Heart! We've got your covered with tabletop arrangements and hampers that are bound to make her feel extra loved! 

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