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    Control your own narrative

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    It all begins with Passion.

    #choosetochallenge, this year's International Women's Day put a spotlight in the voices of women and their courage to challenge the world. 

    Women enjoy opportunities today that our mothers, much less than our grandmothers, never had. Yet despite this progress, many women still lags behind men and struggles with breaking the glass ceilings. 

    While some may lack the confidence to achieve what they want, many still choose to take a leap of faith to be the change. 

    We ladies here at Windflower have our own story to tell. 

    For most of us who are young adults, leaving our jobs without a plan was inevitable at some point of time in our lives. Some of us were burnout, while some were just too tired of the monotonous daily grind with no purpose. We have Fiona who left her the banking industry, Ya Wen who left the events industry, Ally who left the fashion industry, Cynthia who left the healthcare industry and Gail who left the retail industry; we all took a leap of faith. It was not easy leaving behind the comfort and security of a full-time job for a road filled with uncertainties, we all had our fair shares of how our family and friends were not supportive and couldn't understand our decision to purse our passion. Many times, we questioned our decisions but we stayed true because at the end of it all - "I'm the master of my fate and the captain of my soul", a phrase that resonates with so many of us here at Windflower Florist. 

    None of us had a floristry background but we all had one thing in common - passion. The beginning of our journey here was tough but fulfilling, we are constantly challenged to be innovative not just in floristry but our own personal growth as well. We are proud to say, Windflower Florist is a brand that is shaped by the passion of many. 

    Here at Windflower Florist, our stories have also attracted a group of blooming sweet youths to join the team. While most of the fresh graduates have ambitions to climb the corporate ladder, Shannon knew she had both the passion and knowledge in the floral industry. She challenged the norm by choosing to pursue the creative side of her and now, she is integral in crafting the bouquets you see in our seasonal picks. Tiffany, who had also just graduated in her residing country then, chose to come to Singapore and blossomed into a florist and marketer she is today. 

    With diverse backgrounds and gender ( yes, we do have male colleagues! ), we have built an inclusive community within Windflower Florist. We've challenged social conformity and found our voice here, it's time to find yours and create your own narrative.