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Classic Roses bouquet with a modern twist, perfect for your first date.

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[4 days in advance] Windflower X HWB Toothsome Bundle


Windflower X HubbyWhoBakes
We can always count on flowers and sweet treats to make any day better. Homemade with premium dark chocolate French Cocoa and semisweet chocolate chips. This dark chocolate chocolate chip jumbo cookie is crispy on the outside and extremely rich and intense chocolaty. These delicious cookies paired with either a vibrant bouquet of Daisy or our preserved bouquets - Eternal Red or Eternal Khaki - is perfect to sweeten up your day. 

*Appx dimension of Daisy-Me-Rolling: 26cm (W) x 40cm (H)
*Appx dimension of Eternal Red / Eternal Khaki: 25cm (W) x 35cm (H)

*Each box contains 6 jumbo Dark Chocolate Chip cookies.
*Each cookie is about 178gm.
*Cookies can be kept up to 6 days in an air tight container. 

*Ordering must be made 4 days before date of delivery

Bouquet: Daisy-Me-Rolling in Yellow