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What Are The Best Christmas Flowers To Buy in 2024

This holiday season is about love, joy, and giving gifts, and we've covered  the best Christmas flowers to buy in 2023 that your loved ones will love!

Giving gifts and exchanging cards with Christmas flowers is a great way to show how you feel and spread the Christmas vibes this festive season.

Along with Christmas trees, people put flower arrangements on their tables or in their homes to add a touch of holiday cheer. Flower arrangements with pine cones, cotton and Christmas wreaths are a common sight, but here are a few flower arrangements that can enhance your home or you can send to your loved ones.

Best Christmas Flowers For Decoration

1. Christmas Rudolph Bundle

Christmas Flowers Rudolph Bundle

Image Source: Windflower Florist

In collaboration with Zee & Elle, this log cake is made with a cotton-soft yuzu sponge, blissful berries, tea-infused cream mixed with yuzu curd, and vanilla buttercream on top. A relaxing and cosy home that your visitors will surely love if you top your decorations with this bundle.

*Blissful Berries Tea is made by The 1872 Clipper Tea Co., which has won awards for its tea. A mix of apple pieces, hibiscus petals, elderberries, rosehips, raspberry, blackberry, and strawberry fruit granules.

Get one now! Order five days in advance or contact us to know more!

2. Snowball

Snowball Christmas flowers to buy

Image Source: Windflower Florist

Send your loved ones warmth and love this Christmas with a Christmas tree made of preserved and dried flowers. This floral arrangement is perfect for your home to get in the Christmas spirit. You can give this arrangement as a unique gift, or you can use this as a decoration on your tabletop.

3. Christmas Starry Bundles

Christmas flowers starry bundle

Image source: Windflower Florist

Teaming up with Zee & Elle, this light & refreshing flavoured log cake will definitely make a refreshing finaléfor your Christmas feast! Christmas Starry Bundles can be an additional decoration this Christmas season. If you have a small apartment and don't want a big Christmas tree, a mini Christmas tree would surely make a statement too. 

4. Blixem


Image Source: Windflower Florist

This vase arrangement of conifer, eucalyptus, pinecones, and fluffy cotton will definitely make your holiday home dazzle and shine. Thinking of white Christmas as a theme? Adding Blixem to your living room table can make your room look more extravagant and festive.

5. Christmas Tidings

Christmas tidings

Image Source: Windflower Florist

You can get this Christmas Flower arrangement and give this to your friends as a gift. Christmas tidings for your loved ones with our favourite shade of blue!

6. Yule Log

Christmas flowers to buy yule

Image Source: Windflower Florist

Send your loved ones warmth and love this Christmas with a mini Christmas tree made of preserved and dried flowers. This lovely arrangement is perfect if you want to add a Christmas decoration to your bedroom side table.

You can also send this as a gift to your mom, who loves to decorate every Christmas season.

7. Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath

Image Source: Windflower Florist

It won't be Christmas without Christmas wreaths! Festive foliage is the best way to create a fun and exciting environment this Christmas season. You can add this home decoration to your front door to let visitors feel the Christmas vibes. That way, you can share how happy and excited you are for this festive season!

Best Christmas Bouquets For Your Loved Ones

1. 108 Red Roses

108 red roses as christmas flowers to buy

Image Source: Windflower Florist

108 Red Roses for your special someone this holiday can make them feel loved. Red roses symbolise love, and love is in the air this Christmas!

2. Coffee O'clock

Sunflower bouquet as christmas flowers to buy

Image Source: Windflower Florist

Do you have a friend that loves coffee? But are you tired of giving them coffee bean gifts? Here's another alternative: Coffee o'clock is a festive bouquet that can set your friend's day.

3. Bright Smile

big sunflower bouquet for christmas flowers to buy

Image Source: Windflower Florist

Christmas is coming, and so is the new year! Get your family or friends this bright smile bouquet to remind them of how 2022 was a year of struggle, hardships and overcoming roadblocks. End the year 2022 with a smile and with this Bright Smile bouquet.

4. Aquamarine

Tulips bouquet as christmas flowers to buy

Image Source: Windflower Florist

Tulips represent love. This bouquet of blue and white Tulips can be your go-to when you want to make your grandmother feel appreciated this holiday season.

5. Aegean


Image Source: Windflower Florist

One of the best Christmas Flowers to give is tulips, as tulips symbolise deep love. Tulips added with Holland Menta Roses, will never go wrong as you celebrate Christmas with family and friends. Bring this fresh bouquet with you and feel the Christmas spirit!

6. Infinity Love Champagne

Champagne roses for christmas flowers to buy

Image Source: Windflower Florist

With Calla Lilly, Tulips, and Roses displayed in elegance This can be your best gift to your special someone. Let her know how you feel about this awesome bouquet!

Let us know how you like your bouquet!

Conclusion About The Best Christmas Flowers To Buy

These preserved and dried floral arrangements and fresh Christmas bouquets can make you or your loved ones' holiday season special. Get these festive bouquets and floral arrangements at Windflower Florist.

Contact us, and let's make this Christmas an extra one by giving your family and friends the best! We offer other flower products such as hampers, wedding flowers, birthday flowers, funeral flowers, and thank you Flowers.

Frequently Asked Questions About What Are The Best Christmas Flowers To Buy

Why Do Flowers Make Us Happy During The Holiday Season?

The Christmas season is coming, and it is backed by science that flowers release happy hormones. You can give flowers not only on Valentine's Day, birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries, but also during Christmas.

Let's spread happy vibes together! Contact us at Windflower Florist.

Which Flower Best Symbolises The Christmas Season?

Poinsettia best represents the Christmas season. A Christmas wreath is usually paired up with a poinsettia. 

What Are Considered Christmas Flowers?

  • Amaryllis
  • Azalea
  • Orchids
  • Red Roses

Why Is Amaryllis Considered One Of The Christmas Flowers?

The Amaryllis is a tropical bulb flowering plant. Amaryllis is considered to be one of the Christmas flowers because they bloom during November and December.


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