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Flowers are known as the universal love language.

They are able to convey heartfelt wishes more effectively than words and are gifted on many occasions, especially proposals. 

Before you pop the question, make sure you have the best proposal flowers you can get in Singapore. 

Windflower Florist is an expert in crafting floral bouquets that definitely convey your passionate love.

Each proposal bouquet is freshly crafted to suit your budget and style to make your proposal perfect. 

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Show Your Love With The Freshest Proposal Bouquet In Singapore

Wondering which flowers you should have in your proposal bouquets so that you’ll be able to convey your genuine emotions and impress your significant other? Here are the best-selling proposal flowers and what they signify. 


When it comes to love messages, you cannot leave roses out. Each colour represents a different meaning as explained below, so choose wisely!

Red roses represent romance, love, and beauty. White roses represent innocence, purity, and the beginning of love. And pink roses represent admiration, joy, and gentleness.

A bouquet of roses is great for proposals, but you may also consider getting handheld proposal flowers and bouquets with multiple kinds of flowers. 


The spiritual meaning of lilies is purity, fertility, beauty, transformation, and devotion. Give a bouquet with lilies to show your devotion to the relationship and convey how much you admire the beauty of your loved one. 


Hydrangeas represent feelings of gratitude and heartfelt emotion. Incorporate hydrangeas in your proposal or wedding bouquet to show how grateful you are to be in a loving relationship with your bride. 


In general, daisies symbolise innocence and a new beginning, but in a romantic relationship, daisies represent true love. These simple beauties are the perfect proposal flowers to add to your proposal bouquet or even as a decoration. 


Pink and red carnations are the best flowers to symbolise sincere love, admiration, and affection. Carnations are the flowers you want in your proposal bouquet and they will definitely make the best add-on for proposal flowers in Singapore.

Why Choose Proposal Flowers From WindFlower Florist

You want the right bouquet to speak your love, and you sure want affordable yet high-quality flowers.

Find the perfect floral arrangement for your proposal from Windflower Florist’s vast collection of proposal bouquets. For your wedding proposal, we have prepared flower combinations that will live up to the romantic vibe when you pop the question as well as floral designs to make your "I do" moments even more perfect. 

Count on us to get you the freshest blooms. Our floral bouquets come at affordable prices and are available for free islandwide delivery. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Proposal Flowers In Singapore

What Are The Most Popular Styles For A Proposal Bouquet In Singapore?

Round bouquet is the most popular hand bouquet in Singapore. The design looks classic and formal, suitable for traditional weddings or holy matrimony at church. 

Cascading bouquet is also a popular floral design for bouquets. It is glamorous and elegant, a perfect complement to the overall look of the bride. 

Elongated bouquets are popular for outdoor or casual style proposal parties. This floral design looks perfect for a boho or untraditional summer theme.

What Are The Best Flowers For A Proposal Bouquet In Singapore?


Depending on what messages you want to convey to your partner, Windflower Florist has designs for all different messages. Contact us to know more about our floral designs, and let us help you to pick the perfect proposal bouquet in Singapore! 

Can I Get An Affordable Proposal Bouquet In Singapore?

Yes, you can! Windflower Florist doesn't want you to overpay your bouquet. Get your bridal bouquet on our website at a reasonable price. We also have discounts for certain floral designs. 

How Do I Get The Fresh Blooms For My Wedding Proposal?

You don't have to pick the flowers yourself to ensure the freshness of your blooms. Simply order a fresh wedding proposal bouquet in Singapore by shopping on our website.

We will deliver perfect and high-quality fresh flowers to you, so you have nothing to worry about! Order your flowers, pop the question, and get a "yes".