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A little goes a long way, send joy with our snack boxes from $42 onwards.

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Ice-cream and a bouquet of preserved & dried flowers for you and your loved ones!

Ring box that will look perfect in photos!

Ice-Cream Bundles

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Are you looking for a special gift for your loved ones? You are in for a treat as we have not only cake bundles, ice-cream & flower bundles are available for your celebrations! And just because for these joyous occasions, instead of getting a cake for your loved ones, it can also be celebrated with Ice cream & flowers! 

Take your gifts to the next level. Instead of gifting a classic bouquet of flowers, pair the beautiful bouquet with delectable premium flavours such as blue pea lavender or osmanthus oolong ice cream! With a gorgeous bouquet of preserved and dried blooms and a pint of ice cream, your loved ones will be in for a sweet treat!

Furthermore, instead of going through the hassle of separately paying and arranging deliveries for flowers and ice cream, get the most bang for your buck by getting a bundle! If you're still looking for something to complement your bouquet of flowers, our ice creams with flowers in Singapore will be the perfect fit for any joyous occasion!

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Ice Cream With Flowers In Singapore - The Perfect Combination 

Celebrations are always better with flowers and ice cream. The elegant blooms and mouth-watering sweet treat not just for the eyes but the taste buds as well.

There is no doubt that this classic summer treat will complement the blooms, making the occasion much sweeter and more memorable for your recipient. The best thing about the bundles is that it's easily the sweetest gift your recipients will receive all year!

Why Choose Ice Cream Bundles In Singapore From WindFlower Florist

Windflower Florist provides a one-stop solution for your gifting needs! You don't have to liaise with multiple vendors to get your gift delivered. At Windflower Florist, our ice cream bundles in Singapore are specifically curated and designed, and it is excellent for those looking for something light and wants a cold treat to beat the hot weather.

Check out our collection, find one that fits and simply place your order. You have nothing to worry about as our trusted couriers will also handle delivery islandwide. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Ice Cream Bundles In Singapore

Are The Bundles Suitable For Vegans Or Vegetarians?

Yes! Our bundles have no eggs in them and are suitable for vegans or vegetarians. 

Are There Any Delivery Limitations?

Our deliveries/re-deliveries are unavailable on Weekdays 6 PM - 10 PM, Saturday 2 PM - 6 PM and Sunday 10 AM - 2 PM. We also do not provide delivery to some remote areas. For more information, please view our terms & condition for free delivery

Are The Bundles Delivery Fee Inclusive?

Yes! However, please always ensure that the recipient's delivery address is accurate and present at home for the delivery. A re-delivery fee will be charged if our couriers cannot leave the bundle outside of the unit/apartment. 

Can I Specifically Choose The Items I Want For Each Bundle?

The items included in each bundle are specifically designed according to their theme. We have preserved & dried bouquets in yellow or blue to match the flavours.

Can I Self Collect The Bundles From Windflower Florist?

No problem! However, do take note that there are lead times for each bundle.

Please place an order and inform us beforehand to make the necessary arrangements in place of COVID-19 and safe distancing measures!

Self-collection is available at Primax, 22 New Industrial Rd, #02-27/28, Singapore 536208.