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Rustic yet modern flower bouquets for your special ones!

Rustic is a word applied to many different design styles. However, do you know what rustic flowers in Singapore look like? 

Rustic flowers usually are less flashy than ordinary flowers and have a light and grounded aesthetic to them. Usually, a rustic bouquet in Singapore incorporates a neutral colour palette and earthy tones. Colours such as greens, browns, and greys are common rustic colours choices. 

If you are looking for a stunning traditional rustic flower bouquet in Singapore, Windflower Florist has a range of rustic flowers ideal for any occasion.

From roses and sunflowers to hydrangeas, we definitely have a bouquet that will suit the occasion you may need it for.

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Why Choose Rustic Flowers From Windflower Florist

If you are looking for a floral arrangement that has a rustic charm to it, our selection of rustic flowers in Singapore definitely tops the list!

At Windflower Florist, our rustic flowers are naturally bright and can easily blend with other floral arrangements. Our variety of rustic flowers are hand-picked and gathered by our resident florists to ensure that your bouquets come with natural and tattered finishing touches. 

We also offer free delivery for Rustic flowers in Singapore,

so that no matter what the occasion is, we guarantee to have it delivered to your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rustic Flower Bouquets In Singapore

What Are Rustic Flowers?

Rustic flowers feature a natural and tattered look with colours featuring earthy tones. You can commonly find rustic bouquets in Singapore with pampas grass, dried flowers, eucalyptus leaves. 

Can Rustic Flowers In Singapore Be Used As Centerpiece?

Yes, of course. Windflower Florist also has rustic bouquets that come with Jar instead of the traditional bouquet. Here are a few options for you to choose from:

Eternal Jar Blue 

Better Days

Lavender Scent

Once Upon A Dream

Where Can I Get The Best Rustic Dried Flower Bouquets In Singapore?

Definitely at Windflower Florist! 

We understand the importance of bringing out a rustic bouquet's natural and modern looks and which type of dried flowers best complement it. We also have a wide range of rustic dried flower bouquets in Singapore that fits any occasion! 

Can I Self-Collect My Order At Your Studio?

No problem! You can definitely pick up your rustic flower bouquets from our studio!

Do place an order and inform us beforehand to make the necessary arrangements in place of COVID-19 and safe distancing measures!

Self-collection is available at Primax, 22 New Industrial Rd, #02-27/28, Singapore 536208