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Show your appreciation with these specially selected flower arrangements!

Show appreciation and gratitude towards your friends and loved ones with thank you flowers.
Pair the bouquet with a heartfelt note to make your gift more meaningful and personalised. 

Beyond family and friends, thank you flower arrangements are also suitable for colleagues and business associates. Sending a gift strengthens your relations with your business associates. Send thank you flowers to the colleague who has countlessly supported you or the vendor who has gone above and beyond to provide you with wonderful service. 

If you are looking for thank you flowers in Singapore, Windflower Florist has a wide selection of flowers for your needs.

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Show Your Gratitude And Appreciation With Flowers From Windflower Florist

Windflower Florist selection of thank you flowers in Singapore consist of various arrangement styles and types of flowers. Here are some of the commonly gifted flowers to help you find the perfect flowers.


Pink and yellow roses express gratitude to a friend while peach-coloured roses symbolise appreciation to the loved one. These colours can also mean joy, happiness, and admiration. You can never go wrong with a bouquet of roses!


In general, daisies symbolise innocence, but they can also convey affection, especially when used as fillers in a bouquet. Daisies are perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, as well as occasions like Mother's Day. 


Like the sun, sunflowers have an irresistible warmth that can lift the mood of anyone who looks at them. Your loved one or business associate will love a bouquet featuring large and bright sunflowers. Giving sunflowers is a way to say thank you and to wish them good fortune.


A pot of succulents is great to show your gratitude to your business associate or someone important as it signifies your appreciation. Additionally, succulents are perfect for your home as they require minimal maintenance.


Tulips symbolise perfect love and it is a great flower if you are looking for a gift to express your gratitude to someone important.

Why Choose Thank You Flower Arrangements From WindFlower Florist 

Whether you’re looking for a fresh flower bouquet or a preserved flowers bouquet, Windflower Florist has the best selection of thank you flowers in Singapore.

Our years of experience in the florist industry has given us valuable insights when it comes to arranging flowers. With Windflower Florist, you can rest assured that the arrangement of flowers we have curated are suitable as thank you gifts.

Express your sincere gratitude with thank you flowers from Windflower Florist. Simply select from our collection and set a date for delivery. Our trusted couriers will ensure the thank you bouquets arrive in tip-top condition at your recipient’s doorstep. 

Send thank you flowers in Singapore With Windflower Florist today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Thank You Flowers In Singapore

Why Are Flowers The Best Thank You Gifts?

Can't find the right words to convey your heartfelt thoughts? Flowers have been used for many decades to convey messages and meaning has been attributed to each flower.

With our help, you definitely can find the right flowers to put across your thoughts to the recipients.

What Flowers Are Best For Thank You Flower Bouquet?





The flowers above are perfect for a thank you bouquet, but you may want to be extra   sure of the kind of gratitude each flower conveys. For example, lisianthus symbolises gratitude for the help of a friend or loved one while lilies are perfect to express gratitude on a wedding anniversary. 

Consult with our florists to find the best flower selection for your needs. 

When Should I Send A Thank You Flower Arrangement?

You don't need a special occasion to send flowers, especially so for thank you flower arrangement. Thank you flowers are suitable for anyone that you've crossed paths with and would like to show your appreciation!

In addition, you could send a thank you bouquet to the people who have helped you such as nurses, teachers, staff, and business partners. 

What Can I Include On A Thank You Note?

Aside from the classic "thank you for your ....", you may also include these messages: 

Hope this brightens your day. 

Thank you for another wonderful year!

May you have more joyful days!

You are truly appreciated!

I will never forget your kindness.  

The best thank you message is one that comes from your heart.