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Congratulate an opening with these grand flower arrangements!

Joyous occasions such as graduation, the birth of a new bundle of joy, a business launch, a proposal etc;
are celebrated and marked with flower arrangements.

To create a memorable moment, find the best congratulations bouquet in Singapore.
Get the best flower arrangements and congratulations flower delivery across Singapore with Windflower Florist.

We present a collection of congratulatory flowers of various themes, arrangements and colours.
Whether it is a grand opening flower stand or graduation bouquet, you will find suitable congratulations flowers. 

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Common Flowers In Congratulation Bouquets And Stands


Roses come in many colours and hues and each colour represents a specific meaning. For example, to congratulate a friend, you can pick yellow roses, as they signify friendship, while white roses, which signify purity, are ideal for newlyweds or newly engaged couples.


Hydrangeas represent good fortune and abundance. A hydrangea bouquet or flower stand makes a perfect congratulatory gift for a graduation or business launch. It conveys your wishes for the recipient’s good fortune and abundance on their new endeavour.


Lilies are perfect for any occasion, including congratulating someone. Generally, these elegant flowers represent purity and beauty, making them ideal as gifts to congratulate your loved ones on their wedding day.

Lilies can also signify wealth, making them ideal as part of a congratulations bouquet for graduation, the grand opening of a business, or to wish someone success in pursuing education.


Sunflowers bring happiness with their vibrant colour and are excellent flowers for a graduation bouquet as they symbolise a bright future. Of course, it is suitable for any happy occasion, such as welcoming a newborn and congratulating someone's new business.

Why Choose A Congratulation Flowers Arrangement From WindFlower Florist

At Windflower Florist, we provide excellent qualities of handcrafted congratulations flowers arrangements as our florists are experts in the field. We have prepared a huge collection of congratulations flower arrangements that span across various themes and colour palettes. 

Browse our collection of flower stands, bouquets, and centrepieces and pick one that conveys your support and appreciation to your recipient. Simply order from us and enjoy free delivery. Our trusted couriers will ensure the flower bouquets or stands will arrive safely at your recipient’s doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions Congratulations Flowers From Windflower Florist

How Far Ahead Should I Place My Order?

Unless stated otherwise, Windflower Florist is able to provide free same-day delivery for all flower arrangements in our congratulations collection. You don’t have to worry about needing to place an order in advance. 

Which Are The Best Congratulations Flowers In Singapore?

All flowers are perfect for conveying a congratulatory message. You simply need to find the ones that suit your message and occasion. To make your heartfelt gesture even more meaningful, some of our congratulations flowers also come with treats such as champagne, supplements and snacks.

What Colours Represent Congratulations?

Red, white, yellow, and peach are common colours to congratulate someone. Here is a brief explanation to help you pick the best bouquet. 

Red expresses appreciation such as "I love you" and "good job". Sending flowers in this colour means you want to show your passion, love, and respect to the recipient.

Red and yellow, when combined for a bouquet, convey the meaning of friendliness, cheerful, and happy thoughts.

Red and white combination of flowers signifies unity and togetherness. These colours are best to congratulate a newlywed couple.

Yellow represents friendship. Sending yellow flowers to your friends or relatives means you will support and care for them as good friends.

You can also send flowers in other colours to congratulate your recipient. Simply determine the message you wish to deliver, and find the colours that can convey your thoughts.

Can I Opt For Self-Collection?

No problem! You can definitely pick up your congratulations flowers from our studio!

Please place an order and inform us beforehand to make the necessary arrangements in place of COVID-19 and safe distancing measures!

Self-collection is available at Primax, 22 New Industrial Rd, #02-27/28, Singapore 536208