Weekly Specials!

We have recently launched our weekly specials! This category will feature different bouquets every Monday, with fresh picks from the nursery. Do take note that they will only be available for the week!


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Make everyday special. Bouquets from as low as $35.

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Windflower Florist & Gifts started out in 1997, a small, quaint family florist located in the heartlands.

Almost 20 years later, Windflower Florist has stood the test of time. We retain our core ideals of blooming smiles in anyone whose lives we touch.

With the help of friends and loved ones, the business has grown into one valuing kinship, love and family.

Thrust into the 21st century, the business has been spun anew. Given a fresh new coat of paint, it remains dedicated to providing its customers with a loving, personal floral experience.