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Ecuador is renowned for producing some of the world's most exquisite roses, known for their impressive size, vibrant colours and exceptional quality.


Premium Ecuadorian Roses In Singapore

Are you seeking the perfect surprise or centrepiece for that special occasion? Dive into the world of Ecuadorian roses, a delightful floral arrangement that stands out from the rest.

Ecuadorian roses aren't your ordinary blooms. Cultivated in the most unique growing conditions, these stunning roses promise longevity, diversity, and an awe-inspiring presence.

What Are Ecuadorian Roses?

Ecuadorian roses, often dubbed the best roses globally, are fresh flowers grown predominantly in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador.

Due to their cultivation at high altitudes, these roses offer larger blooms, a sweet fragrance, and a longer vase life than those from other countries. The higher elevation, often more than double that of sea level, plays a crucial role in their distinct features.

What Makes Ecuadorian Roses Unique?

When it comes to premium Ecuadorian roses, the manner of cultivation, story, and the love in which they're grown sets them apart from the typical rose. Here are just some of the qualities that make roses from Ecuador stand out:

Larger Blooms

One of the standout features of Ecuadorian roses is the impressive size of their petals, often reaching up to 10-13 centimetres in diameter. This extraordinary dimension is not found in roses from other regions.

The reason behind these luxurious and expansive blooms lies in the higher elevations at which they're grown.

Cultivating roses at altitudes of over 2,800 metres above sea level, such as in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador, allows for larger cellular development within the petals. This high-altitude cultivation, combined with the unique climate and soil conditions, leads to roses that bloom with grandeur.

Longer-Lasting Roses

The vase life of these roses is truly unparalleled. While standard roses might last a week with proper care, Ecuadorian roses have been known to remain fresh and vibrant for up to two weeks or even longer.

When properly cared for in a vase, these roses stand tall and retain their freshness and radiance. Ecuador roses give you that impressive eternal beauty no other flower can offer.

Optimal Growing Conditions

Ecuador boasts some of the world's most unique growing conditions for these roses. Here's why:

Volcanic Soil: The Andes Mountains have numerous active volcanoes, which means the soil is rich in minerals from volcanic ash. This fertile soil provides roses with essential nutrients that contribute to their vibrant colours, larger blooms, and robust health.

Consistent Sunlight: Located on the equator, Ecuador enjoys a consistent 12-hour day and night cycle throughout the year. This constant exposure to sunlight means the roses undergo regular and uninterrupted photosynthesis, promoting steady growth and ensuring they bloom to their maximum potential.

Daily Temperature Variations: The Andes Mountains experience a unique phenomenon where days can be warm and nights cooler. These daily temperature fluctuations cause the roses to metabolise or wilt slower. This prolongs the rose's lifespan and results in thicker stems and larger petals, as the plant conserves more resources.

Beautiful Colour Varieties

While Ecuadorian roses are known for their classic reds, their palette is far from limited. From lavender to yellow and even rich purples, their diversity is breathtaking, catering to every occasion, mood, and surprise you have in mind.

Aromatic Fragrance

Ecuadorian roses aren't just a treat for the eyes — their sweet fragrance is unparalleled. Their aroma directly results from the nutrients they absorb from the Andean volcanic soil, leaving a lasting impression on anyone fortunate enough to receive them.

Roses are generally known for their evocative smell, but the aroma of Ecuadorian roses can be likened to a blend of the classic rose fragrance combined with subtle hints of fresh honey and ripe fruits.

Perfect For All Occasions

Whether it's Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or a spontaneous gesture of affection, Ecuadorian roses fit the bill perfectly. Their sheer variety ensures a shade for every event, be it weddings, birthdays, or simply a day you want to make memorable.

Buy Fresh, Premium Ecuadorian Roses In Singapore From Windflower Florist

For those looking to deliver a message of eternal love, care, or admiration, there's no better choice than Windflower Florist's fresh Ecuadorian roses. Not only are you assured of quality and freshness, but you're also choosing a florist who understands the essence of every bloom.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ecuadorian Roses

Are Ecuadorian Roses Expensive?

Yes, Ecuadorian roses are more expensive than regular roses. The price of an Ecuadorian rose per stem can range from SGD10 to SGD30, depending on the variety and size.

What Is The Difference Between Regular Roses And Ecuador Roses?

Ecuadorian roses often have deeper hues, more petals, and a richer fragrance profile than regular roses. Their durable stems and extended vase life further distinguish them.

While both types captivate in their own right, Ecuadorian roses are lauded for their enhanced luxury and unique characteristics.

How Long Do Ecuador Roses Last?

With proper care, Ecuadorian roses can last up to two weeks, showcasing their superior vase life.

Are Ecuadorian Roses The Rarest Roses In The World?

While they're not the rarest, they're undoubtedly among the most luxurious and sought-after due to their unique growing conditions and features.

Do Ecuador Roses Require Special Care Than Regular Roses?

Yes. Given the premium nature, Ecuadorian roses require specific attention to maintain their unique attributes. Their larger blooms and denser petal count mean they must be placed in a spacious vase to breathe and prevent petal bruising.

Further, the mineral-rich nourishment they've received from the Andes means they thrive best when provided with purified water. You can also preserve them better by placing them in a cooler spot away from direct heat and sunlight.

How Many Varieties Of Ecuador Roses Are There?

There are over 500 varieties of Ecuador roses, typically grown in the region. The colours range from lavender hues to bicoloured petals.