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Grand Opening/Congratulatory Flower Stands

Guaranteed Delivery On Time, Else Your Order Is Free.

Sending grand opening flowers in Singapore is a perfect way to convey your well-wishes to a new business venture.  

Celebrate the launches of new business ventures and join them in ushering in prosperity and abundance with congratulatory flowers.
We guarantee they will feel appreciated!

Celebrate this special milestone by sending a congratulatory stand to show your support towards the business venture!
We promise it will add extra cheers to the grand opening!

Choose from a wide selection of Congratulatory Flower Stands in Singapore to send well wishes and blessings to your professional contacts who are embarking on a new business venture!

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Common Choices Of Flowers And Their Meanings 

For Flower Stands In Singapore


Sunflowers are the perfect way to show appreciation for someone's hard work. This flower always shines brightly, there’s no way you’ll miss it!


Daisies are an excellent way to signify new beginnings, journeys, or a new chapter of life. They appear similar to sunflowers as they both belong to the plant family Asteraceae! 


Orchids are some of the commonly gifted grand opening flower stands in Singapore. They are perfect for showing someone how much you appreciate them or to cheer them on their new beginning. Orchids make great gifts to celebrate accomplishments such as grand openings too!


Anthurium is thought to bring luck and ward off any negativity. It also attracts happiness, positivity and abundance, perfect to relay your wishes of abundance and success for new business ventures!


Roses are a common choice of flower for a congratulatory flower stand. It holds many meanings, from purity to happiness, depending on the colour. When used in a flower stand, it conveys the message of congratulations.


Vibrant and attractive to the eyes,liliesrepresent fresh new beginnings or rebirth. It may also symbolise rejuvenation and a new chapter of life, perfect for those embarking on a new project or business venture.

Why Choose Congratulatory Flower Stands From WindFlower Florist 

A big celebration calls for a grand congratulatory flower stand. Send your congratulations flowers in Singapore with Windflower Florist, an expert in floristry.

We offer free same-day delivery and have the freshest flowers around to ensure your recipient receives the best quality congratulatory flowers on their big day!

Frequently Asked Questions About Congratulatory Flower Stands From WindFlower Florist

What Is A Flower Stand In Singapore?

Flowers stands are prominent flower displays commonly sent to new business ventures for their grand opening. The act of sending flower stands is believed to bring great blessings and bountiful success to new business owners.

What Flower Should I Choose For Congratulatory Flower Stands In Singapore?

You may choose some of the common flowers arranged in congratulatory flower stands: 








However, the list is not exhaustive. If you have specific requirements or are looking for flowers that are not listed above, simply drop us a message and we’re happy to assist you.  

What Are The Best Flowers For Congratulatory Flower Stands In Singapore?

Apart from the list above, pink or purple flowers are common among congratulatory flowers to celebrate achievement. 

What Flower Represents Congratulations?

Pink roses are an excellent way to congratulate someone or to cheer them on their new journey. It can also be used as a way to convey appreciation for someone's guidance.