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Baby's Breath

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Gypsophila Paniculata flowers are tiny, delicate white flowers that are also commonly known as Baby's Breath in Singapore. 

Most people use these small, dainty white flowers, in the form of fresh or dried, to accentuate bouquets and flower arrangements. Baby's breath flowers are commonly seen in bridal hand bouquets and sometimes with roses or hydrangeas as they are used to convey the message of everlasting love and affection for your better half.

Baby's Breath is also the perfect flower choice for birthdays and anniversaries, and even as floral decorations for living spaces at home or in the office. 

Due to its delicate and elegant looks, a baby breath bouquet in Singapore makes a perfect gift for any special occasion.

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Show Everlasting Love And Affection Through Baby's Breath Flowers 

Baby's breath flowers are a symbol of everlasting love, and it also represents innocence and affection. 

Baby's breath is a common gift to be included for baby showers, new mothers or wedding flowers. These tiny white flowers can be used for any bouquets to convey the message of cherishing the ones we care about and to show them affection. 

Baby's Breath Bouquets From Windflower Florist

If you are looking for affordable and cheap baby’s breath in Singapore, you are at the right place. Windflower Florist has the highest quality Baby's Breath flower handpicked by our resident florists, priced at affordable rates and guaranteed to make a big statement for any of our flower arrangements.

With our affordable price and elegant baby’s breath bouquets, you can ensure that the recipient will be reminded of this special day upon receiving them. If you are looking for where to buy baby breath in Singapore, check out our collection. At Windflower Florist, we can make your special moments memorable, while not breaking the bank.

We offer a wide range of baby breath bouquets, such as mini baby's breath hand bouquets. If you are looking for a combination of other blooms with Baby's Breath flowers, we have roses and baby's breath bouquets and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby's Breath Flowers In Singapore

How Long Does Baby's Breath Flowers Last In Singapore?

Baby's breath flowers usually last for a month when intact and connected to the plant, but that's not the case when they have been cut. Fresh-cut baby's breath flowers generally last for about two weeks, and will slowly dry up over time.

How To Care For Your Baby's Breath Flowers In Singapore?

Once you receive your baby breath flowers, you will want to place them in a vase of water to keep them fresh and keep them away from direct heat or sunlight.

It is also essential to maintain the water level within the vase and ensure that the vase is clean. 

Are Baby's Breath Flowers In Singapore Expensive?

Baby’s breath in Singapore makes budget-friendly filler flowers or even a whole bouquet by itself. However, like all flowers, pricing may change with the availability of flowers at different times of the year, for example, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.

If you are looking for affordable baby breath bouquets or floral arrangements with baby breath, do have a look at our collection. We also provide free delivery islandwide for all orders placed on the same day.

Can Baby’s Breath Bouquet In Singapore Be Gifted To Anyone?

Yes! Especially so for the dainty Baby's Breath! Be it a whole bouquet of it or Baby's Breath as a filler flower, the recipient will be delighted!

Flowers convey a wide variety of meanings based on an individual's interpretation of it, and baby’s breath flowers in Singapore are versatile, making them ideal gifts to be presented to your partner or your loved ones.