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Long-lasting and rustic flower arrangements

While giving a bouquet of fresh flowers is one of the common ways to show love and care to someone,

gifting preserved flowers in Singapore has been a growing trend as well.

The arrangement of dried and preserved flowers is perfect for any occasion, such as birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers,

and even to congratulate someone embarking on a new chapter in life. 

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Make It Eternal With The Best Preserved Flowers In Singapore

Preserved and dried flowers in Singapore can maintain their fresh-feeling looks for up to 6 months.

At Windflower Florist, we also ensure that our flowers go through a natural preservation process, hand-picked and prepared by our resident florists to ensure the best quality of preserved flowers for you or your recipient! 

These long-lasting blooms are not only commonly gifted as a form of conveying love and appreciation, but it is also a favourite home accessory! You can easily add some natural beauty to your living spaces as well. 

Here's a list of some of the common preserved and dried flowers in Singapore:

Baby Breath

Baby breath is one of the common choices of preserved flowers. It is perfect for baby showers or to congratulate new parents. Dried and preserved baby breath can be a meaningful decoration in the nursery room or the parents' bedroom. They are a popular choice of blooms to be included in most dried flower bouquets in Singapore.


Dried and preserved roses still hold the same meaning as when they were fresh. Gifting a bouquet of dried and preserved roses is a great way to make your flowers last. Keeping the dried roses will remind your loved ones that you care for them, even weeks and months after you've gifted them.

Gerbera Daisies

Gifting a bouquet of dried and preserved gerbera daisies will be more meaningful since the receivers can keep it forever. These flowers signify loyal love and are perfect for giving on Valentine's Day or wedding anniversaries. 

Cotton Flowers

Cotton flowers will make a beautiful addition to your bouquet. To get more vintage and rustic looks, add dried and preserved cotton flowers to your bouquet. This also conveys the messages of healing, luck, and protection. Bring this flower to visit a sick person or congratulate your friends and families for their achievements. 


Dried and preserved amaranth flowers are a beautiful addition to your bouquet. They have bright colours that will add up the cheerfulness. Giving amaranth flowers to your loved ones signifies your true love for them. These flowers are perfect for Valentine's Day, wedding anniversaries, and first dates. 

Why Choose Preserved And Dried Flowers From Windflower Florist

Windflower Florist has many dried and preserved flower arrangements that you can choose from. Our designs are perfect as a bouquet, a centrepiece (with our jar options), or a gift box decoration. 

You may also consider adding on other gifts with your dried and preserved flowers bouquet to make an even more memorable moment with your loved ones. 

At Windflower Florist, we also provide a complimentary islandwide delivery service so that you may send this everlasting bundle of joy anywhere in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions About Preserved And Dried Flowers From Windflower Florist Singapore

Why Do Some People Prefer Preserved Flowers Bouquet As Their Gift?

A dried or preserved flower bouquet is not only beautiful to give but also to keep. Giving preserved flowers to your significant other, friends, and family will help them decorate their spaces. It will also remind them of your sincere thoughts as they can keep the bouquet for months. 

Besides gifting, some may consider getting them as decorations at home or in the office, as they are low-maintenance and last up to 6 months. It is the perfect gift for your special someone who likes to dry their fresh bouquets and want to keep this token of love.

Which Type Of Flower Is Best To Dry And Preserve?

These are some of the most common flowers that are dried and preserved: 

Gerbera daisies





You may repurpose small flowers like pansies into jewellery or bookmarks after drying and preserving them, while big flowers can be repurposed into centrepieces. 

Order your dried and preserved flowers from WindFlower Florist to be delivered in Singapore. Place your order several days in advance so our florists can prepare the perfect bouquet for your loved ones. 

What Are The Perfect Moments To Give Dried And Preserved Flowers? 

Dried and preserved flowers are best for many occasions. You can gift dried and preserved flower arrangements for wedding anniversaries, birthdays, graduation, baby showers, congratulate new parents, and first dates. 

Where To Buy Preserved Flowers Bouquet In Singapore?

Windflower Florist provides you with an extensive selection of designs of dried and preserved flowers arrangements. Find the design that fits the occasion and your budget at Windflower Florist. To make your day even more memorable, complement the bouquet in a bundle with gifts or cake!