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Preserving Wedding Flowers In Resin In 6 Easy Steps

Creating a lasting memory of your special day is something everyone wishes for. Preserving wedding flowers in resin is an exquisite way to immortalise the vibrancy and beauty of your wedding bouquet, allowing you to relive the bliss of your union every day.

In this comprehensive guide, we will navigate through concise and accessible ways to preserve your wedding bouquet, transforming your wedding flowers into everlasting tokens of love and commitment.

1. Prepare To Trim And Dry Your Bridal Bouquet

Commencing the preservation process requires meticulous preparation of your wedding bouquet. Start by trimming the stems and any discoloured or unwanted parts, ensuring the flowers are as dry as possible; any residual moisture could lead to rot and discolouration within the resin.

Several methods are available for drying depending on your resources and project requirements.

  • Silica Gel: Silica gel, notably Wisedry, is highly recommended for optimal colour and shape retention. However, exercise caution as silica beads may cause indents on petals. Thus, silica crystals are preferable. This method involves placing the fresh flowers in a sealed container surrounded by the desiccant for several days to a few weeks
  • Air Dry: Air drying by leaving the flowers in a vase or box or pressing between folded parchment paper within the pages of a heavy book are viable options. The latter requires a seven to ten-day waiting period, monitored gently to ensure optimal dryness.
  • Microwave: Pressing the flower and preserving it using a microwave can expedite the process, achieving results in 1½ to 3 minutes.

2. Select And Choose The Size Of The Flower Preservation Mould

Once your flowers are adequately prepared, the next step is choosing and measuring the right floral preservation frame. A silicone or HDPE mould is recommended due to its resilience and ability to showcase the flowers elegantly.

This mould acts as the container where the bouquet will be stored, therefore, selecting one that complements the aesthetic of your flowers is crucial to enhancing the visual allure of the final piece.

After selecting a suitable mould, measure it accurately. Using a coverage calculator, you can precisely determine the epoxy resin quantity needed to preserve wedding flowers.This ensures that the flowers are well-preserved and encased uniformly within the resin, maintaining their vibrancy and structure.

3. Ready The Epoxy Resin Mould, Measure It And Pour The First Layer Of Casting Resin

Start by meticulously cleaning the chosen mould with water or isopropyl alcohol, then dry it with a paper towel. This ensures the removal of any remnants of dried epoxy resin or dust particles. A pristine and dry mould is crucial to avoid imperfections in the final piece.

Place a base layer of resin into the cleaned mould, arranging your flowers facing up, creatively exploring different mould shapes and adding elements like glitter for a unique touch.

Using tweezers or a mixing stick is advisable to ensure proper placement and prevent dried flowers from floating. Therefore, it's best to create in two layers, the first would be the placement of the flowers and the second is for filling the resin to the top of the mould.

Pour the first layer of epoxy resin with caution to avoid bubble formation, using quick passes of a heat gun for bubble elimination and ensuring the resin fills your mould.

4. Let The Epoxy Resin Set, Position Your Flowers, And Add The Subsequent Layer

The next steps include letting the epoxy resin harden and adding more layers of casting resin to seal the flowers securely. Around 24 hours after the first pour, the resin should be firm enough for the next layer.

You can also arrange flowers carefully within the mould and add another batch of epoxy resin, applying it in roughly 6.35 mm layers.

This repetitive process of adding layers continues, with each layer carefully poured and arranged until the desired depth is reached. Patience is essential here as once the resin hardens, rearrangements are not possible.

Once satisfied with the flower arrangement, the mould is filled to the top and left to solidify, typically requiring around 24 hours.

5. Allow The Casting Resin To Cure Then Demold The Preserved Floral Cast

Allowing the casting resin to cure properly is crucial for flawless floral preservation. Using a heat gun or a torch can efficiently pop any bubbles accumulated during the mixing and pouring phases, with temperature playing a pivotal role in curing.

Ensure the surrounding environment corresponds to the temperature stated on your resin bottle. After assuring that both layers are thoroughly dry, and allowed to completely harden after three days, gently demold it. Pay attention to sharp edges and sand them down for a polished finish, if necessary.

If any difficulty arises during the demolding, a bit of soapy water can facilitate the removal of the beautifully preserved floral cast from the silicone mould.

6. Display Your Elegant Preserved Floral Piece

You now have the opportunity to showcase your exquisite floral piece, a beautiful relic of your wedding bouquet. Your preserved wedding flowers from the epoxy resin can serve various purposes, elegantly functioning as a paperweight, jewellery holder, or a unique centrepiece.

Positioned in the right spot, it radiates an enduring charm, especially when kissed by sunlight, allowing you to relive the beauty of your wedding day continually.

Here's a tip: given the precision and patience required in the creation process, we recommend practising with other flowers before gently placing your precious wedding bouquet in the resin. This practice ensures the flawless preservation of your treasured blooms.

Conclusion About Preserving Wedding Flowers In Resin

Preserving wedding flowers in resin allows us to hold onto the joy and beauty of monumental occasions, such as your wedding day. Following these steps ensures you have a tangible, elegant reminder of your wedding day, which can be cherished for a lifetime.

At Windflower Florist, we understand the essence of presenting premium, fresh and preserved flowers, each arrangement crafted with utmost care and love.

Preserve the essence of your special moments with our high-quality, vibrant selections from fresh to preserved & dried flowers. Shop today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Preserving Wedding Flowers In Resin

When Should I Start The Process Of Wedding Bouquet Preservation?

You should start reserving your wedding bouquet as soon as possible post-wedding to maintain the freshness and vibrancy of the flowers. The longer the delay, the more the flowers are susceptible to wilting and colour loss.

Can I Preserve Only A Few Flowers From My Wedding Bouquet?

You can preserve only a selection of flowers from your wedding bouquet or the entire bouquet using epoxy resin. By selecting a few standout blooms, you can create smaller, individual pieces which can be displayed separately or gifted.

Can I Include Other Elements Like Foliage Or Accessories From My Wedding Day In The Epoxy Resin?

Yes! Adding elements such as foliage, accessories, or even fabric snippets from your wedding attire can make your epoxy resin piece a more enriched and comprehensive memento of your special day.

Can I Undo The Preservation Process And Extract The Flowers From The Epoxy Resin If I Decide To Change The Display Or Arrangement Of My Bouquet?

No, it’s not possible. Once the flowers are encapsulated in epoxy resin, the preservation process is irreversible, and the flowers cannot be extracted without causing irreversible damage.

Therefore, it is crucial to be certain about the arrangement and the display before proceeding with the encapsulation process. Careful consideration of how you wish your wedding bouquet to be preserved will ensure you are content with the enduring result of this timeless preservation method.


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