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12 Types Of White Lily Flowers And What They Mean

Knowing your options is crucial when you think about giving a beautiful bouquet or simply decorating your home. One of the most elegant and timeless choices is the white lily. Lilies are known for their striking appearance and wonderful fragrance.

But did you know there are multiple types of white lily flowers to choose from? Each white lily flower has its unique characteristics and meanings. Whether you're looking for something classic like the Madonna Lily or exotic like the Casablanca Lily, there's a white lily for every occasion.

This comprehensive guide delves into 12 different varieties of white lilies and what each symbolises.

1. Madonna Lilies (Lilium candidum)

The Madonna Lily is one of the most ancient lily species, steeped in historical and symbolic significance. Recognisable for its trumpet-shaped flowers, this elegant white flower stands as an emblem of purity and virtue, often gracing religious ceremonies and marriages.

Originating from the Mediterranean region, the Madonna Lily has captivated horticulturists and flower enthusiasts for centuries. The sweet-smelling flowers bloom in early summer, giving off a relaxing scent that's more than just a typical floral smell.

The delicate petals curve outward elegantly, making the Madonna Lily a visually striking addition to any floral arrangement.

In terms of care, Madonna Lilies are hardier than they appear, capable of thriving in well-drained soil and requiring moderate sunlight. This versatility further enhances their appeal for both gardening enthusiasts and professional florists.

They are often included in carefully curated bouquets, offering both visual delight and aromatic pleasure. So, whether you're marking a significant life event or simply indulging in the joy of fragrant flowers, Madonna Lilies provides a timeless and meaningful option.

2. Oriental Lilies (Lilium orientalis)

Oriental Lilies also known as “Stargazer” are among the lily family's most opulent and aromatic members, epitomising both elegance and grandeur. Native to Asia but celebrated worldwide, these white lilies are often the star attraction in high-end floral arrangements and sophisticated bouquets.

Known for their large, vibrant blooms and powerful, intoxicating scent, Oriental Lilies are a captivating sight to behold. Notable varieties within this species include the Oriental Lily Polar Star (Double), celebrated for its double-layered petals, the Oriental Roselily Corolla, Oriental Roselily Jisca, and Oriental Roselily Sascha, which are revered for their intricate petal patterns.

The Oriental Lily Playtime and Dizzy Oriental Lily varieties are also popular for their unique colour gradients and striking visual appeal.

The allure of Oriental Lilies extends beyond their aesthetic qualities. They hold symbolic meanings of abundance and eternal life, often making them the centrepiece in milestone celebrations and rites of passage.

Unique among lily flowers, their pendant flowers often hang downwards, resembling a chandelier, adding drama and complexity to their appearance. Given their majestic presence and deep symbolic resonance, it's no surprise that this lily species is a favoured choice for anyone looking to make a lasting impression.

3. Trumpet Lilies (Lilium longiflorum)

Trumpet Lilies are remarkable for their elongated, trumpet-shaped blossoms that capture the eye and the nose. As the name suggests, the trumpet shape is not merely aesthetic but a defining characteristic of this lily species.

Indigenous to areas of East Asia, these flowers bloom in mid to late summer, filling gardens and rooms alike with their intoxicating aroma. They are distinguished by their tall, upright stems, capable of attaining a maximum height of 5 feet, making them towering in any floral arrangement.

Varieties like the 'Golden Splendour' trumpet lily feature gold-tinted petals, adding to the allure and variety of this species.

The meaning attributed to Trumpet Lilies centres around majesty, regality, and grandeur, rendering them ideal for grand events, from royal weddings to significant public ceremonies. Given their majestic trumpet shape and aroma, it's not uncommon to find these fragrant flowers as the focal point of any gathering.

Their vibrant blossoms and captivating scent are most robust during mid-summer, making this the perfect time to incorporate Trumpet Lilies into your event planning or home décor.

4. Easter Lilies (Lilium longiflorum)

Easter Lilies, botanically known as Lilium longiflorum, are among the most cherished white lilies, especially celebrated in Western cultures during Easter. Characterised by their pristine white trumpet-shaped flowers, Easter Lilies symbolise purity, hope, and renewal, resonating deeply with the themes of resurrection and new beginnings.

These lilies typically bloom in late summer, but Easter Lily bulbs—are often forced early to coincide with the Easter festivities. Popular cultivars like 'White American,' 'Eyeliner,' and 'White Heaven' offer subtle variations in the whiteness and texture of the petals, catering to various aesthetic preferences.

The enchanting fragrance and ethereal white flowers of the Easter Lily make it a staple in both religious and secular settings. Its eye-catching beauty not only stands out in floral arrangements but also gracefully enhances other flowers.

5. Golden Rayed Lilies (Lilium auratum)

Golden Rayed Lilies, formally known as Lilium auratum, present an awe-inspiring fusion of soft and white with yellow stripes at the centre of each petal. This intricate design sets them apart from other white lilies, infusing golden warmth into their pristine appearance.

Native to Japan, these lilies are particularly striking in mid to late summer when their blooms reach full maturity. Towering up to 5 feet tall on their tall stems, they make for a grand spectacle whether standing alone or part of a mixed floral arrangement.

The yellow stripes in the Golden Rayed Lily's petals symbolise beams of light or "rays," commonly interpreted as symbols of hope, illumination, and clarity. The golden rayed characteristic in the flower enhances its visual appeal, making it a favourite among horticulturists and flower enthusiasts.

Given its height and stately posture, it is particularly beloved in gardens. Its unique blend of elegance and warmth makes the Golden Rayed Lily a distinctive and meaningful choice for those looking to go beyond the traditional while still honouring the timeless beauty of white lilies.

6. Casa Blanca Lilies (Lilium 'Casa Blanca')

Casa Blanca Lilies are a captivating subset of the Oriental Lily hybrid family, renowned for their mesmerising beauty and intoxicating aroma. These white lilies boast large, sumptuous blooms with recurved petals, often reaching diameters of up to 10 inches.

Typically blooming in mid to late summer, Casa Blanca Lilies can grow 4 to 5 feet tall, making them an imposing yet elegant presence in any garden or floral arrangement. Thriving best in full sun, these white lilies offer a dramatic flair that's hard to ignore, making them a favoured choice for wedding bouquets and ceremonial events.

The Casa Blanca Lily holds special symbolic significance, often representing purity, virtue, and the promise of renewal. These meanings and their undeniable aesthetic allure make Casa Blanca Lilies a popular choice for commemorating life's significant moments.

7. Asiatic Lilies (Lilium auratum)

Asiatic Lilies offer a stunning array of options for white flower enthusiasts, particularly those who appreciate less fragrant but equally vibrant blooms. Unlike other white lilies, Asiatic Lilies are known for their adaptability and ease of care, making them a favourite among novice and expert gardeners.

These lilies bloom from mid to late summer, showcasing pure white flowers ranging from simple to sophisticated. Varieties like the Black Spider Asiatic Lily feature elegant, almost minimalist white petals with contrasting dark markings. At the same time, the Dot Com Asiatic Lily and Patricia's Pride Asiatic Lily offer white flowers with more intricate detailing.

For those seeking something radiant, the Asiatic Lily Bright Diamond delivers on its promise with dazzling, unblemished white blooms.

The Asiatic Lily carries a universal symbol of purity and renewal, much like other white lilies, but is often considered more modern and versatile in design applications. Whether you're looking to create a classic or contemporary floral arrangement, the diversity within the Asiatic Lily category allows for endless creative possibilities.

Their resilience and long-lasting blooms also make them a cost-effective option for significant events and ceremonies, ensuring that your space will be filled with the timeless beauty of white flowers for an extended period.

8. Regal/Regale Lilies (Lilium regale)

Regal Lilies, also known as Regale Lilies, are an extraordinary variation among white lilies, celebrated for their large, heavy, trumpet-shaped flowers. Originating from China, these gorgeous flowers flourish in full sun and display their grandeur during mid to late summer, although their peak bloom often occurs in mid-summer.

They are characterised by their towering stems and large flowers that exude an intoxicating fragrance. With petals curving outward, each trumpet-shaped flower adds an element of sophistication and sheer beauty to any setting.

The meaning of Regal Lilies leans heavily towards majesty and grandeur, making them the ideal choice for ceremonial occasions that call for something truly awe-inspiring. These lilies are often associated with elegance, purity, and transformation, adding a layer of profound symbolism to their already stunning visual appeal.

Whether planted as a striking focal point in a sun-drenched garden or incorporated into a lavish bouquet, Regal Lilies are an epitome of splendour and sophistication. Their unambiguous regality makes them not just a flower but a statement of opulence and timeless grace.

9. Formosa (Lilium formosanum)

The Formosa Lily, a Taiwanese lily closely related to the Easter Lily, is an exotic entrant into the collection of white lilies. This particular species stands out for its vivid blooms and an entrancing light fragrance, which evokes a sense of tropical splendour.

Flourishing best in mid to late summer, the Formosa Lily is known for its capacity to light up any garden or indoor space with its pristine beauty.

The name "Formosa" is derived from the Portuguese word for "beautiful," and it is not hard to see why. This lily symbolises purity, renewal, and transitions, much like other white lilies. However, what sets the Formosa apart is its subtle yet alluring scent, which can instantly transport you to an ethereal, far-off paradise.

If you're searching for a lily that combines visual beauty and a sensory experience, the Formosa Lily is an enchanting option. Its exotic origin and uniquely delicate aroma make it a fascinating subject for both cultivation and appreciation, securing its status as one of the most intriguing white lilies.

10. Martagon Lilies (Lilium martagon)

Martagon Lilies are an unusual but highly captivating addition to the diverse world of white lilies. Originating from a native region that spans from Asia and Europe to Portugal and even east through Mongolia, these lilies are incredibly versatile and adaptive.

They display a fascinating range of hues. However, the focus here is on the white variety. Martagon flowers can also be seen in red, pink, yellow, and orange colours, usually adorned with dark spots that add depth and intrigue to their appearance.

These blooms grace us primarily in mid to late summer. The Martagon Lily holds unique symbolism, often interpreted as an emblem of passion and purity, partly because of its vibrant palette. The white Martagon Lily, in particular, exudes tranquillity and peace.

11. Asiflorum Lilies (Lilium hybrid)

Asiflorum Lilies is a charming yet often underappreciated gem in the wide array of types of lilies. These particular lilies shine the brightest in mid to late summer, their exquisite blooms making them a popular choice for various flower arrangements, from simple table centrepieces to elaborate bridal bouquets.

Though they share the family lineage with other lilies, Asiflorum Lilies possess an understated elegance that differentiates them from the dazzling trumpet lily varieties.

The Asiflorum Lily symbolises unity and the melding of two souls, making them an excellent choice for romantic occasions and, notably, for weddings. As such, they've found their way into numerous bridal bouquets, providing an added touch of elegance and significance.

The meaning of Asiflorum Lilies elevates them from mere ornamental blooms to a flower rich with symbolism.

12. Calla Lilies (Zantedeschia aethiopica)

Calla Lilies are an enigmatic presence in ornamental plants, often mistaken for their counterparts in the Lilium family. Although frequently included in discussions about other lilies, it's worth noting that they aren't part of the Lilium family and are not considered true lilies.

Flourishing mainly in mid-summer, their sleek, sculptural forms make them a stunning element in various flower arrangements, from ambient home décor to the more specific context of bridal bouquets.

As an ornamental plant, the Calla Lily carries an air of sophistication, frequently gracing ornamental gardens with its unique shape and vivid colours.

However, beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Calla Lily is steeped in symbolism. It is often seen as a symbol of resurrection and rebirth, making it particularly poignant for ceremonies that celebrate new beginnings and eternal commitments.

Conclusion About The Types Of White Lilies

Knowing your options when it comes to the types of white lily flowers allows you to make a more informed decision. Whether commemorating a special occasion or sending a bouquet to a loved one, the right white lily can make all the difference.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Types of White Lilies

Do White Lilies Attract Pollinators Like Bees Or Butterflies?

White lilies also attract various pollinators, notably bees and butterflies. Their fragrance and bright colour act as natural attractants.

Some specific varieties are better suited for this than others, so if attracting pollinators is your goal, research before planting is advisable. Having a range of pollinator-friendly lilies can enrich your garden's biodiversity significantly.

Can White Lilies Be Grown Indoors?

While traditionally an outdoor plant, white lilies can also be cultivated indoors with the right care. Make sure to place them near a window where they can receive at least six hours of direct sunlight each day.

Indoor lilies also require a well-drained potting mix and consistent watering. With proper attention to light and water, indoor lilies can thrive and bring natural beauty into your home.

Are There Any Medicinal Properties Of White Lilies?

Historically, different parts of the lily plant have been used for medicinal purposes, such as treating coughs or burns. While not a substitute for medical advice, some herbal medicine practitioners believe that white lilies have calming properties.

However, modern science still needs to investigate these claims thoroughly. If you're considering using lilies medicinally, consult healthcare professionals for guidance.

How Long Do White Lilies Typically Bloom?

The blooming period for white lilies can vary depending on the variety and growing conditions, but most types tend to bloom from mid to late summer.

A well-cared-for lily can display its gorgeous flowers for about 2 to 4 weeks. Understanding the blooming cycle can be invaluable for event planning, as you can time the planting to coincide with your special occasion.


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