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Send Happy Birthday Wishes With Flowers

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A flower bouquet conveys your blessings and makes the birthday star feel extra special on this day.

By carefully selecting the right flowers, you can express your heartfelt birthday wishes in a manner that resonates deeply with your loved one.

Brighten up the birthday celebration by gifting cakes along with our floral arrangements! Our collection of birthday flowers also includes birthday hampers so you won’t have to find the cake from another vendor.

This convenience ensures that your happy birthday wishes are seen and felt, making the celebration unique and extra special with affordable birthday hampers in Singapore.

Pick the perfect bouquet for your recipient from our wide collection of birthday wishes with flowers. What’s more, birthday flowers are eligible for free delivery in Singapore, so place an order for your loved ones today!

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Why Birthday Wishes With Flowers Make The Day Extra Special

Personal Touch With Our Hand-picked Flowers

At Windflower Florist, we believe in the power of adding a personal touch to birthday wishes through our selection of hand-picked flowers. This careful and thoughtful choice reflects a deep sense of care, ensuring that the flowers resonate with the personality and preferences of the birthday person.

Our meticulous process involves selecting only the perfect blooms that match the occasion and align with what your loved one cherishes the most in life.

Coupling these beautiful flowers with a personalised message significantly also elevates the sentiment of your happy birthday wishes, making the gift more meaningful. It's a token of your feelings, wrapped in the elegance of nature's finest, ensuring your loved ones in Singapore feel truly special and cherished.

Visual Beauty To Brighten Their Day

The vibrant and beautifully arranged flowers from Windflower Florist play a role in brightening your loved one's special day, creating an atmosphere filled with joy and festive excitement.

The myriad of hues offered by our stunning collection can significantly influence the mood, turning a simple birthday wish into a source of immense joy and positivity.

Understanding the symbolism and playfulness of colours allows us to craft arrangements that are not only visually appealing but also deeply meaningful.

Whether it's for a friend, sister or daughter, the visual beauty of our happy birthday flowers is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression, making birthdays not just celebrated but truly memorable.

Lasting Memory For Years To Come

Giving flowers as a symbol of birthday wishes can create memories that the recipient can cherish for years to come.

At Windflower Florist, we offer the option of selecting long-lasting blooms or preserved flowers, ensuring that your heartfelt wishes and feelings endure well beyond the celebration. This makes our flowers the perfect gift for any birthday occasion, whether for your husband, friend or loved one.

Encouraging recipients to care for and preserve their birthday flowers allows these tokens of love to transform into a lasting memento of your thoughtfulness. It's a way to keep the excitement, feelings and essence of that special day alive, turning happy birthday wishes into timeless treasures.

The Perfect Blooms For All Kinds Of Birthday Hampers In Singapore

Looking for a birthday hamper but not sure which flowers you should get? Here’s a guide on the meanings that some of the commonly gifted flowers can convey.


A bouquet of roses will always fit any special occasion, including birthdays. The timeless appeal of roses lies in their various colours, which can convey a wide range of emotions and messages, making them a versatile choice for birthday wishes.

Pink and red roses make the perfect birthday bouquet for your partner, while white and yellow roses are perfect for family or friends.

Roses are flowers often conveyed as love and appreciation, and sometimes friendship and warmth.

Combining roses with other flowers or gifts can create the ultimate birthday hamper, showcasing your creativity and affection and ensuring your gift remains memorable and cherished.

Cotton Flowers

Cotton flowers symbolise luck, healing and protection, embodying a unique charm that makes them a distinctive addition to birthday bouquets. Their soft and fluffy appearance adds texture and a touch of whimsy to floral arrangements, making them stand out.

By gifting your friends or family with a bouquet of cotton flowers, you’re wishing for their luck, health, and safety for the year ahead. These flowers will make a perfect addition to birthday bouquets in Singapore.

Their inclusion in any birthday bouquet in Singapore will elevate the celebration, making the gesture even more memorable and cherished.


Based on ancient Greece culture, sunflowers represent loyalty and admiration and are deeply entwined with the joy and positivity illuminating any birthday celebration.

Sunflowers are also related to happiness due to their bright colour.  A bouquet of sunflowers is the perfect birthday gift as they have a famed reputation for making recipients happy due to their vibrant and cheerful appearance.

When paired with complementary flowers or gifts, they create an eye-catching birthday hamper that radiates cheerfulness and love.


Tulips represent deep love and are perfect for a birthday bouquet for your loved ones. They make an ideal gift for conveying your deep and unconditional love.

The significance of different tulip colours, from red for true love to purple for royalty, allows you to personalise your birthday floral arrangement, adding a layer of thoughtfulness to your gift.

With their graceful appearance and association with spring, tulips bring a fresh and rejuvenating vibe to birthday celebrations.

Their ability to symbolise deep love makes them an ideal gift, perfectly aligning with the essence of expressing heartfelt wishes to your loved ones on their special day.

Send The Perfect Birthday Wishes With Flower ArrangementsBouquets From Windflower Florist

At Windflower Florist, we understand the importance of expressing your heartfelt birthday wishes in the most beautiful and meaningful way. Our wide range of floral designs for birthday bouquets and hampers offers the convenience and joy of selecting the perfect flowers to convey your happy birthday wishes.

You can order the bouquet by itself or even pair it with a cake for an extra surprise, ensuring your birthday wishes are delivered with a smile. Our services promise a seamless shopping experience, from bespoke bouquets to beautifully curated hampers, all available for same-day delivery in Singapore.

If you’re looking for birthday flowers for your partner, friend or just anyone in general, check out our birthday flowers collection. We’re sure you’ll find flowers that are suitable and meaningful.

We encourage you to explore our stunning collection and choose the perfect way to say happy birthday. With Windflower Florist, you're covered for any occasion, ensuring your loved ones receive the most beautiful flowers and gifts that reflect the playfulness, love and warmth of your wishes.

Place your orders today for timely and exquisite delivery and let us help you celebrate the special day of your loved ones with fun, surprise and the freshness of beautiful flowers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sending Happy Birthday Wishes With Flowers In Singapore

Can Birthday Bouquets In Singapore Be Gifted To Anyone?

You can give a birthday bouquet to anyone special, such as a partner, parents, your children, siblings, friends and colleagues.

A birthday bouquet can also be a perfect gift for your husband or father. Order a birthday hamper to complement the birthday bouquet with liquor for your male recipients.

What Are The Best Birthday Bouquets In Singapore For Parents?

  • Peonies
  • Lilies
  • Carnations
  • Cotton flowers

The above flowers are perfect for your parents' birthdays and anniversaries. They express good luck, universal love and appreciation. Complement your birthday bouquet with a birthday cake or hamper to make their special day even better. 

Where Do I Get The Best Birthday Flower Delivery In Singapore?

At Windflower Florist, we provide floral arrangements that convey your sincere thoughts. Find a bouquet that fits your needs and budget from our wide selection of birthday flowers.

We also provide free islandwide delivery for your birthday gifts. Simply place an order to get started.

Which Is A Better Choice, A Birthday Hamper Or A Birthday Bouquet?

Both birthday hampers and birthday bouquets are great gifts for your favourite people. We definitely have something for everyone, head to our website and get it now!