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Create memories with a wide selection of flower varieties!

Conveying thoughts through flowers is a longstanding tradition that is still widely practised today. If you’re looking to carry out this tradition and send a heartfelt message through flowers, the great news is that cheap flower bouquets in Singapore is now more convenient than ever with just a few clicks on our website.

We bring you the freshest flower bouquets in Singapore to brighten up your special events. Don’t worry, we won’t hurt your bank account because we have the best cheap flower bouquet in Singapore. 

Pick the prettiest hand bouquet in Singapore for a loved one’s birthday or even your own wedding. Let us help you pick the right flower to convey your messages. 

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Get Your Messages Across With Fresh Flower Bouquets For Any Occasion 


A timeless flower, perfect for conveying your love and passion. Pink roses represent femininity and joy, excellent for weddings or valentine bouquets. Yellow roses symbolise friendship and are common in graduation or congratulatory bouquets.


Carnation is the flower of universal love, perfect for occasions such as Mother’s Day or Teachers’ Day. White carnations are also used to convey condolences at funerals.

Gerbera Daisies 

A common sight on many occasions, charming Gerbera Daisies represent joy, a new beginning, innocence and purity. A bouquet of these dainty blooms is perfect for new moms too! 


Sunflowers make excellent graduation and congratulatory bouquets. They symbolise good luck and long-lasting happiness. These bright and vibrant flowers are sure to bring a smile to recipients!


Commonly known for purity and a symbol of femininity, these flowers exude elegance in any arrangements. White lilies are a common sight in condolences flowers as they symbolise restored innocence after death. 

Why Choose Flower Bouquets From Us

Considered a universal language by many, flowers are able to convey your message louder than words no matter the occasion. Send flower bouquets to your loved ones to convey your heartfelt thoughts and wishes.

We only offer fresh and affordable flower bouquets in Singapore. We guarantee great quality blooms for your gifting. 

Receive it on the same-day when you order from us.
Select a bouquet of flowers for your friends and loved ones, make your order today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Flower Bouquets

Why Do People Gift Flower Bouquets?

Flowers are given to express messages and emotions, and they make beautiful gifts for anyone regardless of the occasion!

What Are The Most Common Flowers For Bouquet?

Gerbera daisies



Roses are a common choice for a bouquet as they’re typically used to convey one’s love, but many are unaware that tulips can also signify something similar (i.e. perfect love) and are a great pick for your gift!

Need help to convey your thoughts? Get in touch with us! 

Do We Provide Any Bundle Offer? 

Yes! We offer a one-stop solution for your gifts and special occasions! Whether you’re looking for a cake and flower bundle or DIY kit bundle, we have affordable gifts in Singapore for different occasions such as birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, and more! 

What Are The Best Occasions For Flower Bouquets?

There are no best occasions for flower bouquets as they are versatile and suitable for many occasions and festivities. Here are just some of the occasions where flower bouquets are commonly gifted: 





Celebrations of new ventures

Father’s day

Mother’s day


First date

Baby showers


Wish someone to get well soon