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Apology Flowers: 8 Best Flowers To Say You’re Sorry

Sometimes, it's not enough to say sorry, especially when you've done someone wrong. Mending relations can be difficult if you've unintentionally hurt a close friend. You want to convey your sincerest apologies; words may not fully express it.

If you genuinely want to say sorry, giving your loved one a beautiful bouquet of apology flowers is one of the best ways to do it. Flowers represent sincerity. With the right blossoms in hand, they make a heartfelt peace offering that a verbal apology alone couldn't accomplish.

1. White Tulips

The flower itself doesn't immediately convey your sincerity. It would be best if you were particular about the colours you choose. For example, red roses send a clear, romantic message which may not be appropriate for the occasion. Instead, you must look deeper into the meaning behind the flowers and their colours. Only then can you work towards a sincere apology to a loved one or close friend.

We start this list with white tulips, which have become a classic choice when communicating "I'm sorry". Although white tulips are popularly seen in funeral services, they represent purity, honour, and holiness. An elegant bouquet of white tulips could easily put you in good spirits with someone and rekindle your friendship with them.

If you want to add a splash of colour to your bouquet of white tulips, adding a stalk or two or pink tulips can make your blossoms more meaningful. 

Mixing and matching them in a bouquet adds a nice touch to your apology since the pink variety expresses your care and lasting admiration for a person. Complement your gift with a personalised message, and they'll more than appreciate your actions.

2. Roses

Apology flowers rose bouquet

Recently got into an argument with a significant other or partner? In romantic relationships, misunderstandings are often frustrating and painful. To show your partner how much you value your relationship and their presence in your life, adding a hint of romance with your apology flowers is the best way to say sorry.

While they may be a standard fixture during Valentine's Day, red roses are the most romantic way to extend your sincere apologies to a partner. They convey a message of reconciliation and unconditional love.

Gift your partner a beautiful red rose arrangement combined with white flowers that symbolise unity. They'll realise how far you're willing to go above and beyond to resolve misunderstandings.

3. White Orchids

Orchids have existed for over 120 million years and are one of the most well-known flowers in the world. White orchids express purity, sincerity, humility, faith, beauty, and innocence. No wonder they're also one of the most common apology flowers.

You don't want to be ambiguous or vague with your message when giving apology flowers. Instead, you want to impart your sorrys and deepest regrets in having pained someone, be it a close friend, family member, or partner.

A simple yet stunning bouquet of white orchids can achieve exactly just that. They represent humility and sincerity. Apologising to someone is all about humbling yourself. It's letting go of your ego and choosing the relationship instead of your pride.

Add a few pink orchid stems to elevate the meaning of your apology flowers. They're sweet, playful, and will put a smile on someone's face.

4. Pink Carnation

Apology flowers pink carnation

Carnations trace their history back to ancient Greece and Rome. In those times, carnations often came in light pink and peach shades, resembling the colour of human flesh. The word "carnation" is rooted in the Latin word "carnis", meaning flesh. Soon after, this flower took on a new meaning of reincarnation or rebirth.

Giving someone a bouquet of carnations expresses your efforts at reconciling and beginning anew with them. Different shades of these flowers also carry other varying meanings. In addition to unity and reconciliation, pink carnations also show remembrance and gratitude towards someone.

If you want to say sorry to someone truly dear to you, giving them pink carnations is heartfelt, authentic, and meaningful. It symbolises renewed hope and a chance at a fresh start in the relationship.

5. Blue Hyacinths

Hyacinths may not be the first apology flowers that come to mind. However, they showcase the effort you've taken into choosing your apology gift. Blue hyacinths carry different messages of eternal love and sorry. They're the best flowers to give if you've hurt someone too deeply.

Saying sorry is part and parcel of our lives, but truth be told, we often end up repeating our past mistakes against someone. A gift of blue hyacinths carries more weight than just a simple "I'm sorry".

With this gift, you'll commit to never cross the line with another person again. It sends the message that this will be the first and last time you'll hurt them. What better way to drive the point home than with awe-inspiring blue hyacinth blossoms?

6. Lily Of The Valley Flowers

Apology flowers lilies

Not all of us are well-versed in the art of saying sorry. If you're one such individual who has trouble apologising to someone, a lily of the valley can easily lift the recipient's spirits.

Lily of the valley flowers feature delicate blooms often found on birthdays and wedding celebrations. However, they also represent purity, humility, and discretion. They're the best bouquets to give an acquaintance or a significant other, especially when you're at a loss for words.

7. Sunflowers

Sunflowers are often gifted to lift someone's spirits on a gloomy afternoon. Aside from that, they also make one of the best apology flowers, thanks to the positivity and strength they convey.

Sunflowers are a little bit more of the fun and playful side of apology flowers. They're a suitable gift to say sorry for unintentional acts that caused the person pain. If you need to make peace with someone without being too overly serious about the matter, a bouquet of sunflowers can easily get the both of you back into speaking terms again.

8. Blue Hydrangea

Apology flowers blue hydrangeas

Hydrangeas come in equally beautiful colours that carry separate messages. If you're thinking of giving these flower arrangements to someone, make sure you pick the right colours to say sorry.

Ultimately you'll want to go for blue hydrangeas. As the go-to-choice for apology flowers, blue hydrangeas carry deep remorseful emotions. Give these to a person whom you've hurt in the past or someone important in your life. They'll be delighted at your thoughtfulness. After all, it's never too late to say sorry.

Conclusion About Apology Flowers

Flower arrangements are the best way to apologise to someone when words fail deeply. As each flower carries different meanings, you have to be careful about which type of flower and colour to pick.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Apology Flowers

What Is The Best Flower For Apology?

The delicate lily of the valley is arguably the best flower to say sorry to someone. Gift them a lily of the valley bouquet to truly make amends.

Should I Give Flowers As An Apology?

Yes. Sending flowers with a personalised apology shows you're remorseful for your acts. Flowers also let the recipient know that you value them and the relationship.

What Flowers Carry Negative Meanings?

If you're giving flowers for any occasion, you may want to stay away from these flowers:

  • Buttercups - Buttercups are never part of floral arrangements because they symbolise ungratefulness, childish behaviour, and lack of loyalty.
  • Petunias - Petunias are typically associated with anger and resentment, no matter their popularity in indoor plant gardens.
  • Black roses - Dark, black roses signify the end of a significant life event, like a relationship or a friendship.
  • Yellow carnations - Despite their vibrant colour, yellow carnations symbolise your disappointment in someone.
  • Orange lilies - Orange lilies are generally associated with sadness. They may also show hatred, disdain, and contempt against a person.

What Is The Saddest Flower?

The purple hyacinth is considered the saddest flower. It often expresses sorrow and regret.


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