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Roses Meaning From 1 To 20: What Each Number Symbolises And How They Express Emotions

Different rose types and colours hold a variety of meanings. People often associate the vibrant yellow roses with joy and happiness. Meanwhile, red roses can have romantic connotations. But did you also know that the number of roses and its meaning is significant?

The meaning of a rose is no longer confined to its colour and type alone. People are pretty specific about how many rose stalks they choose when giving floral gifts to their loved ones.

A single stalk can make all the difference between a happy friend or a confused partner wondering why you chose to give that particular number of roses.

So to help you out, we've come up with a list of what the number of roses means and which occasion they're perfect for. Let's dive into understanding the meaning of roses more deeply.

1 Rose

A single rose expresses love at first sight for budding romance. For long-term relationships, a single rose stalk says, "You are the only one, no one else". This gesture is deeply rooted in the meaning of the rose, where a single rose symbolises love at first sight or deep respect.

It's a simple yet powerful message of affection, conveying that the recipient is always on your mind. The single rose is also a perfect way to subtly express profound feelings, embodying unconditional and unchanging love that endures through time.

It is not just a gesture but a profound symbol of genuine love, making it a special choice for expressing those feelings to a loved one or family member in a simple yet powerful way.

2 Roses

Giving two roses to someone shows your deepest affection and love for them. It means your feelings are mutual. Both of you are equally in love with one another.

The messaging of 2 roses has more romantic undertones, especially for red roses. This pair of roses represents mutual love and affection, symbolising a deep connection and understanding between two people deeply in love.

It also recognises unchanging and constant love, often conveyed through the rich, deeper shades of red roses, signifying the intensity and seriousness of romantic moments.

Two roses are common in marriage proposals to signify commitment, embodying the promise of eternal love and the desire to spend the rest of your life with that special someone.

It's the perfect way to express those feelings of eternal friendship, love at first sight and the joyous journey of being always on your mind, making every moment a special occasion to remember.

3 Roses

Three for each first letter in the phrase "I love you". This act is a traditional symbol for "I love you," capturing the essence of shared love and common bonds.

Where gifts may paint a better picture of your relationship with someone, giving them three roses is a powerful message of love. Three roses represents a significant way to express those feelings, ensuring the loved one is always on your mind.

The number of roses here, especially when chosen in hues of light pink roses, yellow roses or classic red roses, subtly expresses profound sentiments.

It is also often used for expressing a shared secret or achievement, making it an ideal choice to celebrate a special occasion or milestone in a relationship, symbolising the joy of new beginnings with that treasured one.

4 Roses


Relationships aren't perfect, and couples will often bicker about trivial matters. But the test of its strength is not so much in the lack of confrontation. Rather, a relationship should be measured by a couple's ability to set aside differences and meet each other in the middle.

When you want to tell someone that nothing can stand in the way of your relationship with them, a rose bouquet with four stalks is the best way to express it.

Four roses also signify balance and stability in a relationship, representing a strong foundation and promise that underlies the union between soul mates. This quantity suggests faith in overcoming challenges together, making it ideal for anniversaries or significant relationship milestones.

5 Roses

Generally, roses are ideal for expressing love and admiration for another. If you don't want to go overboard showing your passion, five stalks are the way to go.

Five roses, especially when choosing the vibrant colours of pink roses for admiration or the unique lavender roses for enchantment, express care and appreciation in a profound and understated manner.

It symbolises abundant love and gratitude, as a perfect gesture to thank someone for their support and kindness.

The choice of roses, such as yellow or white roses, can subtly express this number of roses simply yet powerfully. This makes it ideal for acknowledging a special someone who has been a pillar of strength and support in your life.


6 Roses

We rarely meet someone special, and when we do, we hope they stay in our lives for a long time. When you want to take your relationship with someone to the next level, try giving them six roses.

Six rose stalks convey belongingness and genuine love. A gift of this number of roses is a subtle way of expressing "I want to be with you for a long time" or "I'm serious about us".

It also conveys infatuation or a desire for love, symbolising the longing and the start of new relationships.

Six roses, representing the need and longing for love, is also a profound way to express those feelings of starting a new journey with a soul mate. It suggests an unchanging and constant love that hopes to evolve into something everlasting.

7 Roses

Contrary to what you may think, the meaning of roses doesn't get more profound as more stalks are added.

Such is the case with a gift of seven roses. Give a bouquet of seven roses if you've long been admiring someone from afar or you are infatuated with them.

This number of roses, often chosen in passionate colours like deep red or pink, signifies being madly in love. It's also about admiration and conveying love at first sight, where each rose seems to whisper the untold tales of heartbeats and longing.

8 Roses

Roses aren't always gifted to romantic partners. You can also gift them to friends or family members.

Give them a bouquet of eight roses if you have a relative or acquaintance who's going through a tough life situation. It's a simple yet powerful way of saying "I'll always be by your side" or "I will support you through thick or thin".

The eight roses, especially when chosen in warm, comforting colours like yellow or white, symbolise support and solidarity during challenging times.

This gesture expresses sympathy, offers encouragement and uplifts the spirit of someone in need. It's a beautiful way to show you care, providing a beacon of hope and a reminder of the unwavering support they have from you.

9 Roses

Relationships take work and finding couples who have been together for several years is inspiring. Nine roses are a reminder of a long-term couple's eternal love. It's the number of roses to give someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.

This bouquet represents a deep, enduring commitment, transcending the mere expression of feelings to signify a pledge of lifelong love and devotion. This number of roses is also a profound way to communicate your dedication and the infinite nature of your affection.

10 Roses

Have you met someone too good to be true? That person may be so special that you simply can't imagine they're in your life.

Consider giving them a bouquet of ten roses when you meet that special someone. They're a subtle yet impactful way of saying, "You're perfect in every way".

Ten roses also convey the message that the recipient is viewed as perfect in the eyes of the giver. It's a beautiful expression of true love and devotion, celebrating the unique and flawless nature of the relationship.

11 Roses

Is there someone you deeply value? Surprise them on their birthday with a gift of 11 roses. Eleven roses say, "You are my treasured one, and nothing can measure the depth of my love".

This number of roses symbolises a treasured, cherished love, embodying deep, abiding love and respect.

The choice of roses, whether it's the classic red, pink or even lavender, reinforces the sentiment of the giver, expressing the idea of "you are my treasured one".

It's a heartfelt acknowledgement of the unique place the recipient holds in the giver's heart, making it a perfect way to convey how much they are valued and cherished.

12 Roses

A symbol of constant love, you can't fail with a dozen roses. The number 12 has long held spiritual and cultural significance throughout history.

During Valentine's Day, loving couples give twelve roses as a display of affection and constant gratitude.

This number symbolises the classic symbols for "Be mine" and "I love you," representing an unbreakable bond and completeness.

It's also a universal gesture that spans various cultures and histories, symbolising that the recipient is always in the giver's mind and in their heart.

13 Roses

Thirteen may be an unlucky number for superstitious people. But surprisingly, giving 13 roses symbolises secret admiration and eternal friendship.

This act is often interpreted as a gesture from a secret admirer or someone who harbours hidden love but wishes to convey their feelings in a discreet yet meaningful way.

The number 13, transcending superstitions, becomes a messenger of unspoken messages, embodying eternal friendship and deep-seated admiration.

If you receive a bouquet of thirteen roses during a special occasion like Valentine's, it's probably from a secret admirer.

Through the language of flowers, this gift delicately bridges the gap between unvoiced emotions and the desire to express a profound, platonic love or hidden affection. This makes it a deeply symbolic gesture of a bond that goes beyond the ordinary.

14 Roses


You can express how proud you are of someone in multiple ways. And 14 roses is an excellent way of saying, "I'm proud of you".

For instance, if you want to congratulate a friend on moving into a new flat, you'll likely give them a housewarming gift. Why not use this as an opportunity to give something that holds meaning and value?

This gesture is also ideal for celebrating significant achievements. You can gift this to a friend, family or lover to congratulate them on a milestone.

This bouquet, rich with meaning, celebrates current successes and encourages continued excellence, making it a beautiful expression of support and admiration.

15 Roses

The meaning of roses is not just confined to love, admiration or fondness. It can also express remorse and forgiveness.

Fifteen roses symbolise a heartfelt apology and the sincere wish to be forgiven, serving as a powerful gesture of making amends.

Consider giving apology flowers in the form of roses the next time you've unintentionally hurt someone. If words fail you, a gift of fifteen roses is a genuine effort at reconciliation.

It's a tangible expression of acknowledging a mistake and the earnest effort to rectify it, highlighting the purity of intention and the depth of your remorse.

16 Roses

Is a family member or partner departing for another country soon? Wish them a "bon voyage" or safe travels through a bouquet of sixteen roses. This gesture signifies remembrance and cherished memories as a reminder of shared sweet moments and milestones.

You may not meet again after a long while, but a classic bouquet will remind them of your presence in their journey.

For example, if a close friend is moving abroad for studies or work, giving them sixteen roses can symbolise your support and the hope to keep the memories alive despite the distance.

It celebrates the significant anniversaries of relationships or friendships, marking the journey thus far and the promise to remember each other fondly.

This bouquet also symbolises your presence in their journey, encapsulating the essence of cherished moments and the anticipation of creating new memories in the future.

17 Roses

Married couples rarely get the chance to celebrate special occasions. Busy work schedules, taking care of the kids and managing household responsibilities take up a chunk of their time.

So, when they get a chance to celebrate, they want to make sure it's every bit as memorable as their relationship.

Treat your husband or wife on their birthday or anniversary to a candlelit dinner with a gift of 17 roses. This number shows your undying love and commitment to them and the marriage.

It also represents a deep commitment and stability built over the years, expressing a desire for the relationship to continue flourishing.

Seventeen roses convey the message that, despite the busyness of life, the love shared between partners remains unwavering, highlighting the significance of cherishing each moment together.

18 Roses

Eighteen roses are typically seen as gifts to a debutante. In 18th birthday celebrations, each stalk of rose represents a year of their life so far. They're a reminder of the celebrant's youth and beauty.

Beyond birthdays, eighteen roses convey sincerity and the trueness of intentions, often used in scenarios like marriage proposals or to affirm serious commitments.

This bouquet signifies a readiness for a lifelong commitment, embodying the promise of fidelity and the hope for a future filled with shared experiences.

It's a gesture that speaks volumes about the giver's genuine intentions and preparedness to embark on a life's journey together. It is a symbolic gift for expressing profound love and the willingness to be by the celebrant's side through all of life's milestones.

19 Roses

Nineteen is the number of roses you give to someone you want to wait for. If you've recently parted ways with them but still hope for a future together, show your intentions through a 19-rose bouquet.

This number symbolises waiting or anticipation for an event, embodying patience and hope for a certain outcome. You can also give this number of roses when you wish to convey your willingness to wait for a reunion or a significant decision in your relationship.

Nineteen roses are a powerful way to express your steadfastness and optimism about being together again, making it clear that you are prepared to wait as long as possible for your paths to realign.

It's a testament to unyielding hope and the belief in the strength and future of a bond, even when faced with temporary separation.

20 Roses

Twenty roses are roughly equivalent to two bouquets if you think about it. Though they may be a handful, they're the perfect gift to show your sincerity towards someone.

Whether you're saying sorry or showing a romantic gesture, 20 roses can do the trick.

Twenty roses also symbolise sincerity, genuine love and trust, highlighting a deep-seated belief in a loved one's purity and innocence. It's used to express deep trust and faith in a relationship, showcasing an unwavering commitment and the earnestness of your feelings.

Giving twenty roses is a grand gesture that communicates your wholehearted devotion and respect. This makes it an ideal choice for moments when you need to affirm your sincere intentions and reinforce the bond you share with someone special.

Conclusion On The Meaning Of The Number Of Roses

Choosing the right number of roses is crucial for conveying your intended message, ensuring that your gesture carries the depth of your feelings and the sincerity of your intentions.

We encourage you to use this guide to convey personal feelings and messages through the beauty of roses. Whether it's a single rose or a bouquet of twenty roses, each number has a unique significance that can help you communicate your emotions more effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Meaning Of The Number Of Roses

How To Keep Roses Fresh?

Keep your rose fresh by following these steps:

  • Choose a clean vase. 
  • Cut a small part of the stem at an angle.
  • Remove all the leaves.
  • Place the vase in a cool, dry spot
  • Replace the water every 2 to 3 days or when it gets murky.

You may read our guide to keeping flowers fresh for more information.

Where Did Roses Originally Come From?

Whether red or pink roses, these flowers have a rich history behind them. It's believed they originated from Central Asia and slowly grew their way into the whole northern hemisphere.

What Was The Colour Of The First Rose?

Pink was believed to be the first rose colour ever cultivated, as pink rose varieties are often found growing in the wild.

What Is The Rarest Rose Colour?

The blue rose (with lilac hues) is exceptionally rare, thanks to genetic modifications to create the pigment delphinidin. Roses do not naturally produce this pigment, which is why they are far more expensive than the average red, pink, yellow or white rose.


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