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7 Friendship Flowers To Show Your Appreciation

Best friend, bestie, BFF, special friend - whatever you want to call them, they certainly deserve your recognition and affection. Friends mean so much in our lives. They've been with us in our biggest milestones and, likewise, the most challenging of hardships. There's no other group of people in our lives that devote themselves to our happiness, save, of course, for your family.

We must never fail to remind our friends how much we value their presence. Why not show them you care with a beautiful gift of friendship flowers?

Giving friendship flowers is not just a way to appreciate their efforts to make us smile - and sometimes even get on our nerves. Tons of floral gifts convey happiness and gratefulness. The next time the mood strikes or a celebration calls for it, it's a good idea to send flowers to your dearest and most special friend.

Occasions To Send Friendship Flowers

There are many opportunities to send flowers to your friends. You don't need a special occasion to do so. But if you want to make your gift extra special, it's handy to keep a list of dates.

  • National Best Friends Day - Send a mass of friendship flowers to all your friends on this special day. National Best Friends Day is on every June 8th. Mark your calendars and prepare to buy a bunch of beautiful flowers they'll love.
  • Birthdays - Scrambling for the perfect gift to give your friend on their birthday? Gifting a freshly-picked bouquet of friendship flowers never fails. Add a personalised message card with your bouquet to make the gesture more meaningful. Not only will the flowers brighten their day, but they will also help spruce up their home.
  • Valentine's Day - Sometimes, a friend may mean much more than we admit. If you've finally mustered up the courage to confess your undying love for a long-time best friend, now's your chance to do so on the day of hearts.
  • Just Because - Who says you can't purchase friendship flowers any other day? Surprise a friend or two with a gift of colourful flowers that mean friendship. It'll surely put a smile on their faces.

What Flower Colour Symbolises Friendship?

While all flowers serve as excellent gifts to a beloved friend, or a long-lost one, nothing says friendship quite like the colour yellow. Yellow has been associated with happiness and joy. It comes as no surprise that it also symbolises friendship.

The sight of yellow is not just a wonder to behold. Its vibrancy and brightness are undoubtedly contagious. Any onlooker will immediately smile at the sight of yellow flowers.

Choose yellow flowers or presents with a hint of yellow when searching for the perfect floral gifts for your friends. Below, we list the most popular flowers that mean friendship. Showcase your strong bonds with your second family through these flower gifts.

1. Sunflowers

Flowers for friendship

Did you know how sunflowers came to be the flowers of friendship? The symbolism traces its roots to Greek mythology. It was said that a nymph named Clytie was smitten with Apollo, the God of Sun. She adored him and was loyal to the sun god.

Eventually, Apollo's eyes laid on another nymph. However, the sunflower's meaning as a symbol of adoration and devotion still endures today. Show your dedication to your dear friend with a classic bouquet of sunflowers. 

Add a dose of sunshine to their lives or cheer them up with the Bright Smile bouquet. These fresh blooms come with complementary summer blooms, making for the perfect gift.

2. Peruvian Lily

Bouquet of flowers for friendship

Alstroemeria flowers, or the Peruvian lily, come in various colours. But, these stunning blooms have always been linked to friendship. These beautiful flowers are a no-brainer whether you're expressing love to a partner or a friend.

The Peruvian lily has always symbolised mutual support and understanding. Receiving a bouquet of yellow Peruvian lilies is probably one of the highest compliments. It means that person has been with you through life's toughest battles. 

Nothing will ever break the strong bond you have with them. They're the perfect flowers to say "Thank you for being with me through thick and thin" or "You're my stronghold". Poetic, isn't it?

More than just these symbolisms, the flower also represents understanding, empathy, patience, commitment, and respect. Hand a lovely bouquet of these to a platonic love or a close acquaintance.

3. Gerbera Daisies

friendship flower bouquets

To the non-discerning eye, gerbera daisies are the spitting image of the beloved yellow sunflowers. These flowers also symbolise friendship, but they don't just come in the typical yellow that you would expect out of a friendship flower.

Purple gerbera daisies, in particular, are an absolute stunner. These blooms are nothing short of exquisite. Giving someone a bouquet of these friendship flowers shows your profound admiration for them.

But, if you want to give gerbera daisies with less romantic undertones, going for the yellow variety is a safe bet. Yellow gerbera daisies are often associated with cheerfulness and celebration. They're the perfect flowers to give to a friend who has recently reached a milestone. Whether graduation, congratulatory, or housewarming gift, yellow gerbera daisies will spark joy.

4. Chrysanthemums


Chrysanthemums, or "mums" as they're fondly called, represent a host of things: positivity, joy, longevity, well wishes - you name it. Countries which have four seasons welcome chrysanthemums during autumn. They're one of the most popular flowers during this time.

But even if there are only two weather cycles where you live, a gift of chrysanthemums will still be appreciated. They're for the upbeat friend who always tries to uplift your spirits. Now's your turn to return the favour with these lovely flowers.

5. Yellow Roses

Yellow Roses bouquet

You don't have to be romantically interested in someone to give them roses. Roses don't just come in the romantic, vibrant red colour we're familiar with during Valentine's Day. There are yellow roses as well, which represent friendship, happiness, and new beginnings.

Yellow roses are the best flowers to give when you want to rekindle a friendship. We sometimes unintentionally hurt our friends with our words or actions. Apology flowers are a great way to be back in their good graces. But, the yellow rose is also a delightful way to do so.

Send them a bouquet of preserved yellow roses with the Eternal Yellow. This bouquet of yellow roses comes with plump cotton flowers and lovely additions for that elegant look. If you want to change up your gift of sunflowers, this bouquet will surely do the trick.

6. Pink Tulips

Pink tulips friendship flowers

Pink tulips may not have the same depth of meaning as red ones, but they're still a popular symbol of affection. With their elegance and beauty, it's no wonder people worldwide hold celebrations in honour of these flowers.

As friendship flowers, tulips are a great way to wish someone good fortune in their life. Pink tulips say, "I care about you, and I want nothing but the best for you".

If you're creating a bouquet of tulips, put in the purple variety, representing rebirth and new beginnings. They can also make ideal apology flowers and represent your intentions to start the friendship anew.

7. Daffodil

Yellow Daffodil

Daffodils are some of the first flowers that bloom in spring. They mark the arrival of a new season, new life, and a fresh start.

The daffodil signifies bad luck and misfortune when given as a single stalk. But a daffodil bouquet has a much more profound meaning. It shows your intention of wishing someone happiness, joy, and good blessings in their lives.

Daffodils are also popular flowers in celebrations across the world. In Singapore, for example, these are some of the most auspicious Chinese New Year flowers. Giving someone a bouquet of these blooms means you want nothing but good fortune as they welcome the new year.


Friendship flowers may carry different meanings, but one thing is certain: they show our love and appreciation for our friends. Whether it's roses, sunflowers, tulips, or lilies, these blooms all show one universal thing. The power of friendship remains unwavering.

Ready to find the perfect bouquet for a friend or significant other? Windflower Florist's fine selection of market-fresh blooms has got you covered. Shop now for the freshest and loveliest blooms in the market. We deliver statewide in select locations at no extra charge.

Frequently Asked Questions About Friendship Flowers

What Colour Represents Close Friends?

Colours that represent close friendships are pink, brown, yellow, and turquoise.

What Does Blue Mean In Friendship?

Giving blue friendship flowers shows your trust and loyalty to that person.

Why Is Yellow The Symbol Of Friendship?

Yellow symbolises friendship because it gives off light and carefree vibes. Its bright hue can make someone smile, especially when they're feeling down.

What Flower Symbolises New Relationships?

Violet lilacs represent budding romantic love. They're perfect flowers to give a new partner, as they also show passion and adoration.


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