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8 Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas In Singapore For The New Homeowner

Signing a new lease on an apartment is a cause for celebration. Moving homes or living alone in a brand-new flat is no easy feat. It’s a remarkable milestone that demands a few good housewarming gifts to go along with it. 

If a family member or someone dear to you has recently become a new resident and they’re planning a housewarming party, a thoughtful housewarming gift can remind them how much you care and just how far they’ve come in life.

Below are 8 housewarming gift ideas in Singapore that are personal, thoughtful, and, most of all, practical. From the classic rose in a jar to a bouquet-wine bundle, here are gifts you’ll almost want to keep for yourself.

8 Best Housewarming Gifts In Singapore

1. Flower Box

Flower box as good housewarming gifts

Flowers are the go-to housewarming gifts in Singapore. They bring life to an otherwise lifeless space. Flowers add colour and vibrance amidst the piles and piles of unopened moving boxes and wrapped decor. 

But as housewarming gifts, flowers blend in with a sea of presents. Make your gift stand out with a gift of exquisite flower boxes from Windflower Florist.

Our Boîte De Fleur Lumiere flower box is a popping arrangement of Cappuccino Roses paired with bright orange tulips. Coming in a ribbon-tied box, this housewarming present is a sure eye-catcher. 

2. Flowers And Resin Earrings

flower bouquets and earrings as housewarming gift ideas

Moving into a new place might be an exciting — and always unfamiliar — change in scenery. But once the festivities are over, your friend or loved one is again preoccupied with the move. 

Unless the new resident is an avid interior decorator, mapping out the furniture and decor for a new home can be tedious. Make this task less of a burden with a unique gift of resin earrings.

Windflower Florist has collaborated with Yanflowervalley to curate a beautiful bundle of fresh flowers with matching accessories.

Each bundle is a great housewarming gift because we pick the blooms fresh from the day’s markets. There are, however, 3 different styles of resin earrings to choose from. Pick out a pair that matches the recipient’s style — they’ll surely love it. 

3. Ice Cream And Bouquet Of Flowers

Ice cream flower box as gift ideas

Unwrapping items, unpacking wardrobes, setting up shelves — these are all on a new mover’s to-do list. Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it? Thankfully, it’s nothing that a cold bowl of ice cream can’t remedy. 

Give your friend a chance to cool down at any time of day with an ice cream and flower bouquet housewarming bundle.

We have an ice cream bundle that is every bit wonderful as it is refreshing. Each pint is a delectable treat topped with yummy yuzu chrysanthemum bits. 

Of course, what’s a housewarming gift without any flowers? Select a beautifully-preserved bouquet in blue or yellow, fitting for any home. 

4. Cake And Flowers

Cakes and flowers as housewarming gift ideas

Another one for those with a sweet tooth, a treat of cake and flowers is always welcomed. Chocolate lovers will appreciate this gift bundle. For something rich, the Dark Chocolate Ganache is sure to impress with its ultra-soft, chocolate butter cake, layered with dark chocolate crispearls.

For something a bit on the lighter side, the Rose Lychee Cake is an absolute stunner. The rose butter sponge cake topped with a wreath of lychee is nothing short of refreshing. 

Whether it’s decadent chocolate or a light and fluffy lychee cake, you can’t go wrong with this great housewarming gift idea in Singapore. Complement your gift with a hand bouquet of pink roses to make it extra special. Get a sweet bundle now through Windflower Florist’s flower and cake delivery in Singapore.

5. Bottle Of White Wine And Flowers

Bottle Of White Wine And Flowers as gift ideas

What's a housewarming celebration without the perfect gift? Now is the ideal moment to express your congratulations with a carefully selected bottle of sparkling white wine and a bouquet of complementary flowers.

The Boite De Fleur Prosecco bundle includes fresh roses in warm pastel hues, stored in an exquisite gift box. We have paired a refreshing bottle of Prosecco with this bouquet. Get any housewarming celebration started with this bundle!

6. Potted Orchids

Potted Orchids

Help your loved one or friend decorate their new home with a classic gift of potted orchids. Like many houseplants, orchids offer many benefits. Not only do they spruce up a space, but they also have stress-relieving properties.

Our potted phalaenopsis or moth orchid can make the dullest of spaces even brighter. This low-maintenance plant doesn’t need much to survive. It can be watered once a week while limiting its exposure to direct sunlight.

With its compact size, this moth orchid plant can be stored anywhere — from home office desks to cosy living room nooks. Buy this gift 5 days in advance from our online flower store in time for your housewarming event. 

7. Roses In A Jar

roses in a jar

Dried roses are another great housewarming gift idea you should try. Contrary to popular belief, roses aren’t perfect for only romantic occasions. They’re versatile and appropriate for almost any event, even housewarming.

Our rustic collection of dried roses in a jar is simply stunning. It features an assortment of dried roses, a pinecone, and select filler flowers, all neatly arranged in a vintage glass jar. Order a bundle through our roses delivery in Singapore.

8. Bouquet Of Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas bouquet as gift ideas

If you want to keep your gift simple yet meaningful, try giving a bouquet of hydrangeas. Hydrangeas offer a nice change of pace from the usual rose, not to mention these tropical flowers are absolutely stunning.

Check out our Sweet Romance bouquet, featuring an elegant, blue hydrangea complemented with premium roses. You could also choose from several add-ons to go with this unique housewarming gift idea. Our fabric mist in collaboration with Sabon and selection of fine wine will do the trick.

Conclusion About Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas In Singapore

Need to find unique housewarming gift ideas in Singapore? This list of housewarming gift ideas can get you started. Beautiful, practical, and meaningful presents are the key to making any housewarming a fun affair. 

Buy your housewarming gifts now, only from our online flower store. At Windflower Florist, we make sure all our flowers are picked fresh daily from the market.

Shop flowers, bouquets and bundles for all occasions and events. We also offer same-day flower delivery in Singapore. Check out our page to view our flower collections.

Frequently Asked Questions About Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas In Singapore

Do I Need To Bring A Gift To A Housewarming Party?

If a close friend or family member has invited you to a housewarming, it’s basic etiquette to bring a gift. Even if the invitation says you don’t have to get one, try not to arrive empty-handed at the event.

How Much To Spend On A Housewarming Gift?

The ideal range for housewarming gifts is $50 to $100. Personalise your gift by sending in well-wishing messages to the recipient.

What Should I Give To Someone Who Has Bought A House?

Here are a few gifts you can give when someone you know has bought a house:

  • Flowers
  • Scented candles
  • Bottle of wine or champagne
  • Houseplants
  • Framed decor

Is It Okay To Give A Scented Candle As A Housewarming Gift?

Yes! Scented candles are great for bringing fresh aroma into a new home.


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