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Roses Colour Meaning: 8 Rose Colours And What They Symbolise

Roses are always a good choice when words fail you. For hundreds of centuries, these elegant flowers have been the perfect gifts for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and more. 

Different rose colour meanings convey unique messages. With the many varieties of shades available, choosing the right rose colour can define your intentions.

So how do you know which colours to pick? You can't simply always give red roses and hope for the best. No, there must be some thought into it. After all, the colour makes all the difference between sincerity and confusion.

To make sure your intentions align with your actions, knowing which colours of roses to give is helpful. 

Whether you're giving a rose bouquet to a friend, lover, or acquaintance, you'd do well to understand the meaning behind each colour. Let's dive in!

1. Red Roses: Love, Passion, And Adoration

Red Roses colour meaning

Watch a rom-com, and red roses will likely appear in one of the scenes. They're the quintessential symbol of romance. Nothing conveys "I love you" better than a stunning red rose bouquet.

When given during Valentine's Day, red roses represent romance, love, and profound admiration. The story behind this practice is also nothing less than unique. 

In the old days, red dye was considered expensive because of its rarity. Its distinctive rouge eventually became synonymous with love and royalty.

Red roses symbolise the mutual respect the newlyweds have for one another as a bridal or wedding bouquet.

Deeper shades of red roses, like burgundy, represent commitment and an undying passion for a special someone. If you get cold feet, red roses can bring you a rush of confidence to say those three meaningful words.

Why not give someone an exquisite bouquet of red roses today? This Charm bouquet features bold red and hot pink roses. Wrapped in sleek black craft paper, this bouquet is the best way to communicate your deepest romantic desires.

2. Yellow Roses: Friendship And Happiness

Yellow Roses colour meaning

One glance at a single yellow rose stalk, and you just can't help but smile. Yellow is probably the most energetic out of all the warm shades. For the longest time, yellow has become associated with happiness, laughter, and sunshine.

In the olden days, yellow roses notoriously symbolised jealousy and ill-wishes. However, its meaning has eventually evolved to represent happier and more cheerful ideas.

Translated into flower form, yellow roses are nothing short of remarkable. These are the flowers you give someone to make them smile or show appreciation.

If you ask us, any day is perfect for giving a bouquet of yellow roses. Do you want to apologise to a friend? Give someone a delightful housewarming gift? Nothing gets the job done more than a bouquet of yellow roses like Resilience.

3. Light Pink Roses: Grace, Gentleness, And Joy

Pink Roses colour meaning

Light pink is perhaps the most gentle shade of pink. It's warm to the sight and can elicit beautiful memories from a happier time. These qualities alone have slowly made light pink roses symbolise gentleness, comfort, and grace.

Like the humble red rose, pink roses are also thought of as a royal colour. Their shade is incredibly unique. Finding cute light pink shades in nature seemed impossible, but lovely pink roses have proven otherwise.

Like all other roses, pink roses go well with different shades. Include these flowers on your wedding day or gift them to a lover to express gratitude and undying love. 

Throw in some lovely white roses, peonies, and carnations in the bunch, and they'll think you're the sweetest person on the planet.

4. Peach Roses: Gratitude, Sweetness, Genuineness

Peach roses are arguably the sweetest flowers you'll ever find. With their light red, almost orange hue, peach roses represent gratitude and sincerity of intentions. 

Thanks to their unique combination shade, they've become a popular sight in weddings, bridal showers, and even baby showers.

Peach roses make the perfect gift when a red rose can sometimes be too intense for an occasion. 

Give them as congratulations or thank you gifts to someone. Peach roses seem to strike the perfect balance regardless of the occasion, be it graduations, weddings, or birthdays.

Try out the Infinity Love Champagne. This lovely rose bouquet features warm and peach-like tones. Calla lilies and tulips are added to complete this beautiful and awe-inspiring flower bouquet.

5. White Roses: Budding Love, Innocence, Sincerity, And Purity

White Roses colour meaning

White has been the symbol of purity and innocence ever since time immemorial. Religious figures like the Pope have donned white ever since the late 16th century to express sacrifice and commitment to his calling.

Today, you don't necessarily have to be religious to give a gift of white roses. 

Give a bouquet of white roses instead to someone you've admired from afar or when celebrating your first anniversary with your partner. Complement these beautiful white roses with tulips, carnations, or hydrangeas.

6. Green Roses: Fruitfulness, Abundance, And Growth

Green roses may not be as commonplace as all the other flowers on the list, but they carry profound symbolism. Abundant in nature, the colour green has long been representative of bountiful harvest and growth.

Beyond that, green roses express vitality. They're the flowers to give someone you want to make amends with. They also make the ideal gift for someone entering into new beginnings. 

Has a friend moved into a new house or apartment? A bouquet of green roses with white, pink, and yellow roses will be a heartfelt reminder of a new chapter in their life.

7. Black Roses: Rebirth, Change, And Courage

How black came to be a symbol of death and grief traces back to ancient beliefs. Though many cultures had some semblance of the afterlife or what would happen after death, most were "in the dark" about it.

There are also some distinct similarities between death and the colour black that cannot be dismissed as coincidence. 

Think about it, what do we see when we sleep? For most of us, it'll be pitch black, not to mention that we usually sleep in the darkness of the night.

With these symbolisms, black roses should only be reserved for select occasions. For example, giving someone black roses as a wedding gift can be inappropriate and disrespectful.

Unless you have a close relationship with the receiver, it's best to save black roses for more sombre occasions. 

If you wish to express your deepest sympathies and condolences to a bereaved family, a black rose bouquet coupled with red and white roses is the best way to do it.

8. Lavender Roses: Love At First Sight

Lavender roses don't naturally exist in the world. However, they were introduced in the 19th century as a hybrid between European roses and other rose varieties in China.

Due to their extreme rarity and stunning look, lavender roses are reserved for rare occasions: falling in love at first glance.

Very rarely do we meet someone who changes something within us the instant we lock eyes with them. And just for that, these rare moments deserve to be celebrated — with a bouquet of lavender roses, that is.

Conclusion About Rose Colour Meanings

With so many varieties of roses, picking the perfect colour can be tricky. As much as we want to pick the brightest and most vibrant colours, we must consider our intentions and the occasion.

Hopefully, this guide gives you a better idea of which colours of roses to give. But remember, roses are always a good idea. They have become a reliable and thoughtful gift for different occasions and celebrations.

Windflower Florist offers flower subscription services in Singapore for all kinds of events. Whether it's birthdays, anniversaries, first dates, proposals, and what have you, our market-fresh flowers will surely do the trick.

Shop now for stunning roses, daisies, tulips, sunflowers, and many more! Make someone smile today with a lovely bouquet.

Roses are a reliable and thoughtful gift for different occasions and celebrations. Shop now for a stunning bouquet or roses and make someone smile today with Windflower Florist. Enjoy our reliable same-day flower delivery in Singapore!

Frequently Asked Questions About Rose Colour Meanings

Why Do Roses Come In Different Colours?

Roses come in different colours because of their pigmentation. Generally, the fewer pigments there are, the lighter their colour. The only colour of roses that naturally exist in the wild include red, white, pink, and yellow roses.

What Does A Blue Rose Mean?

If someone gives you blue roses, that person may secretly admire you from afar. Blue roses also signify sincerity, peace, and beauty.

What Are The Natural Rose Colours?

Natural rose shades include red, pink, and white. Other rose colours like orange, purple, or yellow are considered cultivars.

Are Roses Expensive?

Roses may be beautiful, but they can get expensive compared to other flower varieties. This is why prices for these flowers tend to skyrocket in February, fondly called the Month of Love.


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