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What Flowers To Give For Funeral? 5 Sympathy Flowers

Funeral flowers are small tokens that represent a loved one's heartfelt emotions. They're delicate and serene, making them ideal mementoes for remembering someone who has passed away.

There are several varieties of funerals, but they're usually associated with specific types of people (e.g., children, parents). Each has its meaning and symbolism. Lilias, for example, symbolises purity; Chrysanthemum means "golden flower"; Rose represents beauty, and Orchid stands for elegance.

Knowing what flowers to give for the funeral can help convey your deepest sympathies. We'll show you which ones are most common and why they're so special:

1. Orchids For Funeral Flowers

Orchids For Funeral Flowers

Funeral orchids are among the best funeral flower choices because they are beautiful, rare, and enduring. They are perfect for when you want to send funeral orchid arrangements to the families of the deceased. They can also be used as a flower arrangement with the casket sprays. Two orchids are traditionally given at funerals or periods of grief: 

Dendrobiums and Phalaenopsis orchids. They come in both pink and white. These flowers, along with their colours, show enduring love and deep compassion and can be a very healing and comforting gift for those who are grieving. 

Orchids aren't just for funerals; they're also suitable for sending to someone who has lost their loved one. You can send flowers like these to express your sympathy for someone who has lost a loved one.

2. Chrysanthemums For Funeral Flowers

Chrysanthemums For Funeral Flowers

Chrysanthemums are usually associated with funerals in Europe, but they're more often used for celebrations in Asia.Chrysanthemum flowers are known for creating beautiful floral arrangements. These can be a wonderful tribute to someone's life and accomplishments and the joy they have given others. And the different colours of the flowers can mean other things too. 

White chrysanthemum, for example, means purity, red means love, etc. Chrysanthemum flowers symbolise truth, honour, and vitality. They're considered an appropriate flower for bidding a final goodbye to someone who has passed away. If you visit any funeral home, you'll probably see them use either lily or chrysanthemum flowers for their funerals.

3. Lilies For Funeral Flowers

Lilies For Funeral Flowers

White lilies are probably among the most popular funeral flowers because they represent the renewal and restoration of the deceased person back to purity and innocence after death. It was believed that the lily symbolised  the Virgin Mary, who represented the epitome of pureness, peace, and innocence. 

White is often considered a suitable choice for a funeral flower. You could choose white lilies arranged as stand­ing or casket spray, wreath, or floral basket. White lilies are soothing to the eye as a funeral flower and have a delicate fragrance. 

They're an excellent choice for a calm and dignified way to mark a person's death. White lilies are an excellent choice if you want to create beautiful floral displays that celebrate someone's life.

4. Roses For Funeral Flowers

Roses For Funeral Flowers

Roses are probably the most commonly grown flower, regardless of the purpose. They're also often chosen for funerals. 

The white rose symbolises purity and innocence; red ones represent passion and energy; yellow ones stand for happiness; orange ones mean joy and optimism; green ones show prosperity; Purple ones represent wisdom and knowledge; blue ones are associated with loyalty and trustworthiness; black ones represent mourning and sorrow. 

There are several meanings behind each colour of rose, but red ones usually mean intense feelings of anger, jealousy, hatred, etc.; white ones indicate purity and innocence. Roses are a beautiful way to express sympathy during funerals and wakes. You can use them at services or send them back to families after they've left the church.

5. Funeral Flower Arrangements

Funeral Flower Arrangements

Funerals are difficult experiences for everyone involved; however, they're meant to be cathartic events where we say our last goodbyes. Flowers at funerals comfort grieving families who need something beautiful to look at during these sad times. 

Like a short and beautiful person, like a flower, a short but beautiful moment is something everyone would want to experience. There are two ways to have funeral flower arrangements: one is by using funeral bouquets; another is by using funeral wreaths. We'll go through both of these options in detail below.

Casket Sprays

Casket sprays are usually made by the deceased's family members or close friends. They're called "cremains" (or ashes) because they decorate a coffin. 

They give it a look of peace, sereneness, and grace. It's a fitting way to honour someone's death. Depending on the style and size of the casket, flowers can be arranged either fully open or partially opened. Casket covers can be made from fabric, wood, metal, plastic, glass, or any material that suits your taste.

Standing Sprays

Standing spray displays resemble coffin spray displays, except they're propping up on easel stands. They're great for funerals where people are standing around viewing the body. 

At a reputable mortuary, you'll notice two things: one; they're usually placed beside coffins to help create an atmosphere of peace; two, they're often decorated with flowers. Standing sprays are ideal for people who want something small enough to fit into a casket but large enough to be seen from far away.

Wreaths, Hearts & Crosses

A wreath is another type of arrangement for funerals. It's a large circle decorated with flowers and a ribbon, but it's usually closed at the top. You can put them on the top or side of a casket. They can also be placed on an easel as a stand-alone wreath beside the casket. 

You can create various sizes of this kind of bouquet by using different types of flowers. Flowers are designed in the shapes of hearts, broken hearts, and crucifixes. You can also arrange your funeral flowers in a rosary-style arrangement.

Ultimately, how you arrange the funeral depends on the kind of sentiment you want to show and what you think is respectful to the deceased person and close relatives. 

Standing sprays, wreaths, hearts, and crosses are types of flower arrangements that are also ideal for people who aren't close friends or relatives of the deceased.

Floral/ Funeral Baskets

These are baskets into which you put your flower arrangements. You can take them to the deceased's house or the funeral parlour for the service. 

Funeral baskets are an excellent choice for sending funeral arrangements because they're sturdy enough to support floral arrangements and can be assembled into various shapes and sizes.

Funeral Planter Baskets/ Dishes

These are another type of funeral arrangements made from a traditional wicker basket. They're similar to the ones we've seen before, but they differ because the flowers or plants still have their roots and are placed in a soil bed. Planting pots/dishes is great because they can last for a long time, unlike other arrangements, which don't last too long.

Flowers are one of nature's most beautiful and fragile creations. Nothing quite demonstrates life's beauty, fragility, and transience as flowers do. We hope we've provided some ideas for what kind of flowers would be appropriate to give someone who has recently lost a close family member.

If You're Planning To Get Funeral Flowers For Someone Who Has Passed Away

Before going out to buy funeral flowers for someone who has passed away, make sure to call them first so that they know exactly what type of arrangement you want. Funerals vary from culture to culture and religion to religion. It's important to respect these differences at all times. Here's hoping you choose the best option for yourself and your sincere feelings. 

Contact us and convey your warmest feelings to your bereaved family by sending them flowers. 

Frequently Asked Questions About What Flowers To Give For Funerals

What's the Purpose Of A Funeral Flower?

Funeral flowers can be used in a variety of ways. They can be displayed at a funeral home during a wake. They can also be used to decorate a grave, send it directly to the family, or drape over a coffin.

What's A Condolence Flowers?

Sympathy flowers or condolence flowers are a traditional way of sending your sympathy to someone who has lost a loved one. They're often given after death, funeral or memorial service. Sending flowers expresses your sorrow and respects the memory of the deceased person.

You may choose to send them directly to the family, or you could give them to friends or colleagues who might appreciate receiving them. A simple flower arrangement of mixed flowers such as roses, pink carnations and chrysanthemums would make an appropriate choice.

What Happens To The Funeral Flowers After the Ceremony?

After the service, friends or family will often take any funeral flowers home immediately or a few days later. The average flower arrangement lasts about two weeks before being discarded or composted by the recipient.

Is The Fee For Sending Condolence Flowers For Free?

The Delivery Fee depends on every flower shop who offers this service. Some flower shops like Windflower Florist offer a same day delivery. Visit our website to know more about their same day delivery services.


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