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Why Are Preserved Flowers So Popular? 6 Reasons To Choose Them

When flowers come to mind, we often picture a freshly cut or picked rose from a beautiful garden. Some of us are likely thinking about the ever-popular bouquets or flower arrangements featuring a mix of beautiful buds.

Like most things, however, fresh flowers don't last long. Even if you've taken leaps and bounds to extend their lifespan, they can retain their beauty only for several days.

The answer? Preserved flowers.

Preserved flowers have risen in popularity, thanks to the many ways to creatively arrange them in flower domes or boxes. 

Compared to the classic bouquet, preserved flowers can last much longer. They're a perfect fixture for modern homes or housewarming gifts to a loved one.

Here are a few reasons why preserving flowers has become a popular trend.

1. Hassle-Free

Preserving flowers starts with pretty much the same process as fresh-cut ones. Florists begin handpicking fresh flowers at their peak stage when the buds have fully bloomed. These flowers are delivered to a factory to undergo the preservation process.

Fresh flowers will be submerged in alcohol and other dehydrating fluids before colours are applied.

Compared to dried flowers, preserved ones are much more vibrant and unique. Adding preservatives and substances can also help develop preserved flowers with attractive colours not otherwise found in nature.

Considering all these, taking care of preserved flowers is much more hassle-free than fresh ones. 

You don't need to tend to them regularly to maintain their appearance and quality. 

All you need to do is ensure they're well-kept in a cool and dry environment, free from external factors that may affect their features.

2. Visually Stunning

yellow preserved flowers

Preserved flowers can be just as aesthetically pleasing as freshly-picked ones. However, there's more variety when it comes to preserved blooms.

For instance, you can find a single preserved rose in blue or purple alongside colourful filler flowers and foliage. 

Storing preserved flowers in domes elevates their appearance and retains their shape. You'll find one suitable to your style and preference.

Take your pick from any of the preserved flowers available in the Windflower Florist shop. We have rustic preserved roses wrapped beautifully in a bouquet.

Or, choose from any of our dried flowers in orange, yellow, light pink, blue, and many more. You'll surely find a preserved flower bouquet befitting as a gift or a lovely home ornament.

3. Affordable

Beauty doesn't have to come at a cost, and preserved flowers are precisely just that. Due to the meticulous selection, sortation, and cutting process, fresh flowers tend to be expensive.

However, you can still find an affordable bouquet of preserved flowers without compromising style and quality.

Windflower Florist offers a selection of affordable dried and preserved flowers, starting from as low as $38.

Whether you're planning a last-minute birthday gift or looking to spruce up your home, buying preserved flowers is one affordable way of doing so.

4. Environmentally Friendly

When you think about it, preserved flowers are also eco-friendly. Fresh-cut flowers tend to undergo an energy-intensive process that takes up a lot of resources.

Meanwhile, preserved flowers can last for up to a year. Their long lifespan makes them a sustainable choice for decorations or ornaments. 

In addition, fewer materials are needed to continually produce preserved flowers, effectively reducing carbon footprint.

If you're keen on adopting a more sustainable lifestyle or limiting your environmental impact, getting preserved flowers is one way.

Not only will you save up on wrapping paper and other materials like plastic, but you'll also have a beautiful arrangement perfect for any occasion.

5. Zero Maintenance

pink preserved rose jar

Unlike fresh-cut flowers, preserved blooms don't require sunlight and water. Their petals will retain their shape even after several months have passed.

Freshly cut flowers wilt faster the longer they stay out in the open. You'll need to care for them by partly cutting the stems, placing them in a vase, and watering them ever so often.

If your home or flat needs a little breath of fresh air but you don't have the time to care for fresh flowers, preserved blooms may be to your liking. All you have to do is display them in your chosen location, and then you're good to go.

6. Perfect For Any Occasion

preserved flower arrangements

Preserved flowers are often kept in sturdy glass boxes or flower domes. This makes them ideal for all occasions, be it birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, Valentine's, etc.

While a fresh bunch of flowers still make great gifts, they may not be suitable for people with pollen allergies.

So, preserved blooms serve as great alternatives to fresh flower arrangements. Your recipient will appreciate the thought of getting them a lovely yet practical gift that suits them well.

Conclusion About Preserved Flowers

Freshly picked flowers have been the staple when it comes to gifting. With their popularity, florists are coming up with ingenious ways of preserving their beauty.

Thus, preserved flowers were born. Coming in various shapes and sizes, preserved flowers have since become popular choices for decorations, gifts, and many more.

Looking to give preserved flowers to a friend or loved one? Windflower Florist's selection of dried and preserved flowers in Singapore are an absolute delight.

Shop from our fine selection of flowers now! We offer free same-day islandwide delivery in select locations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Preserved Flowers

How Long Do Preserved Flowers Last?

The meticulous preservation process allows preserved flowers to last up to a year. They're often placed inside sealed, airtight containers to delay wilting.

Are Bugs Attracted To Preserved Flowers?

No. Since preserved flower arrangements are kept inside containers, they won't attract insects or bugs, which could destroy the foliage.

What's The Difference Between Preserved And Dried Flowers?

Dried flowers are a bit stiff and rigid compared to preserved flowers. Dried flowers are also much more heat and light-sensitive, unlike preserved flowers which require minimal care.

Are Preserved Flowers Alive?

Although they give the appearance of life, preserved flowers aren't alive, as they've already been synthetically and chemically processed.


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