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A little goes a long way, send joy with our snack boxes from $42 onwards.

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Ice-cream and a bouquet of preserved & dried flowers for you and your loved ones!

Ring box that will look perfect in photos!

Occasion Flower Gift Pack

With Our 4.8 Stars Google Rating plus 700+ Google Reviews, We're Confident We Can Deliver

Enjoy savings for annual occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and other meaningful milestones.
Choose from our curated range of gorgeous colour-themed bouquets. 
Each selection is carefully made to fit the occasion and to leave a lasting impression!

Perfect For:
      • The meticulous planner who never wants to miss an occasion.
      • Long-distance lovers ensuring their presence is felt in blooms.
      • Busy bees who want to set up surprise reminders throughout the year
      • Those who love securing special prices ahead of time.

How It Works:

  1. Select the redemption frequency (2/ 3/ 4 times)

  2. The greater the frequency, the higher the savings!

  3. Let us know the dates you would like us to remind you of (in case you forget!) 

  4. After checkout, an email will be sent to you containing unique discount codes for you to apply on the products featured within the Flower Gift Pack

  5. For your next occasion, head to the respective redemption pages to checkout your desired product and apply the unique discount code at checkout to redeem it at $0. 
      • Flower Gift Pack Rustic - Redemption 
      • Flower Gift Pack Sweet - Redemption
      • Flower Gift Pack Passion - Redemption
      • Flower Gift Pack Elegance - Redemption
      • Flower Gift Pack Sunshine - Redemption
      • Flower Gift Pack Forever Sweet - Redemption
      • Flower Gift Pack Forever Rustic - Redemption
      • Flower Gift pack Forever Autumn - Redemption

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