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A little goes a long way, send joy with our snack boxes from $42 onwards.

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Ice-cream and a bouquet of preserved & dried flowers for you and your loved ones!

Ring box that will look perfect in photos!

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Send these delightful and creative bundles to your special ones!

Flowers have been the classic go-to gift for various occasions since time immemorial.
These precious blooms are always gifted on birthdays, anniversaries, graduation
and more and are one of the most common gifts one would likely receive.

Are you looking to get a gift that is thoughtful and memorable?

Look no further! Windflower Florist presents a collection of the best flower bundles in Singapore,
consisting of gorgeous flowers paired with various goodies and items. 

So whether your intended recipient is a cookie connoisseur, a cake enthusiast, or a creative art-lover,
we have the perfect bundle in our collection. Send your loved ones the best floral bundle in Singapore!

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Gift Memorable And Thoughtful Floral Bundles In Singapore

Windflower Florist has a collection of specially curated, beautiful and thoughtful bundles that are perfect for any occasion. Spanning across various themes, you’re sure to find an ideal bundle for your loved ones.

Our bundles are simple yet memorable, and with a hint of customisation and personalisation, they are perfect to be gifted to friends, family, and even colleagues! 

Simply pick the bundle that resonates with your intended recipient and their interests, then sit back and relax. Windflower Florist will deliver the lovely assortment of flowers and goodies right to their doorstep at no delivery charge. 

Why Choose Flowers Bundles In Singapore From Windflower Florist

Flower bundles in Singapore are the perfect way to send someone some love, whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion. 

Having years of experience in floristry, Windflower Florist is dedicated to helping you come up with the perfect flower arrangement for your gift or occasion. The bundles from Windflower Florist are carefully curated and guaranteed fresh, so you can be sure your recipient will enjoy them as much as you intended.

Check out our bundle collection today or drop us a message to personally curate one!

Frequently Asked Questions About Flower Bundles In Singapore

What Are The Items That Come With Each Floral Bundle?

This depends on who we are collaborating with! Each of our floral bundles in Singapore follows a specific theme and the items included will come from our collaborations with various brands we are partnering with.

Are The Items Within Each Flower Bundle In Singapore Sold Separately?

Unfortunately, besides the blooms that we prepare, the items within each bundle are not sold separately at the moment!

Can I Specifically Choose The Items I Want For Each Floral Bundle In Singapore?

The items that are included in each bundle are specifically designed according to their theme so they are fixed. However, you may choose the blooms from the various colour options available.

Can I Self Collect The Flower Bundles In Singapore From WindFlower?

No problem! However, do take note that there are lead times for each flower bundle.

Please place an order and inform us beforehand to make the necessary arrangements in place of COVID-19 and safe distancing measures!

Self-collection is available at Primax, 22 New Industrial Rd, #02-27/28, Singapore 536208