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A Lily Flower’s Language: 4 Types Of Lilies And Their Symbolisms

Lilies are special flowers that mean a lot more than just looking pretty. Across the world, people see them as symbols with deep meanings. In this article, we're going to talk about the flower language of lilies and the various symbolisms of different lily varieties.

1. White Lilies: Purity And Virtue

In many cultures, white is the colour of purity, innocence, and untouched beauty. White lilies, with their pristine and unblemished petals, naturally embody these qualities. Their strikingly pure white hue stands out in nature, symbolising cleanliness and chastity.

White lilies are closely associated with Christianity, particularly with the Virgin Mary. They are often depicted in religious art to symbolise her purity and divine motherhood. The Archangel Gabriel is frequently shown presenting a white lily to the Virgin Mary, reinforcing this association.

The strong association of white lilies with purity in Christianity played a significant role in embedding this symbolism in Western culture. Biblical references and religious iconography solidified their status as symbols of virtue.

Additionally, throughout history, artists and writers have used white lilies to convey themes of purity and innocence, further entrenching their symbolic meanings in cultural consciousness.

Their symbolism of returning to innocence makes white lilies a common choice in flower arrangements for funerals and memorial services, offering a message of peace and hope.

Presenting white lilies can be a gesture of honouring someone's pure and virtuous nature, often in formal and respectful settings.

2. Stargazer Lilies: Ambition And Sympathy

The vibrant and intense colours of Stargazer lilies, often a mix of pink, red and white, are visually commanding and symbolise vibrancy and drive. Their upward-facing blooms represent looking towards the future or aiming high, a trait often linked to ambition and determination.

The softness of the petals, combined with the bold pattern, strikes a balance between strength and delicacy, making them suitable for expressing sympathy and understanding in times of sorrow or difficulty.

Simultaneously, their serene beauty has been seen as comforting. Stargazer lilies are often arranged in a way that emphasises their height and stand out colours, sometimes combined with other bold flowers to enhance the message of aspiration and achievement.

In sympathy bouquets, they are typically arranged more softly, often accompanied by subdued flowers to convey a sense of compassion and support.

Stargazer lilies are frequently depicted in art and media in contexts that emphasise their dual symbolism. They might appear in artworks that celebrate human achievements or in stories and films as symbols of empathy in emotional narratives.

Contemporary artists and photographers may use these flowers in their works to convey the said themes. Stargazer lilies are an appropriate choice for occasions like graduations, promotions, or any celebration of personal and professional milestones.

3. Calla Lilies: Beauty And Grace

The sleek, trumpet-shaped bloom of the calla lily is the epitome of elegance and sophistication. Its smooth lines and curves give it a natural gracefulness, often associated with refined beauty and purity.

In art history, especially during the Art Nouveau period, calla lilies were celebrated for their unique form and were often used in designs and artworks to symbolise elegance.

Calla lilies have also been associated with holy ceremonies and regarded as symbols of purity, heightening their connection to grace and beauty.

While in ancient Egyptian art, the calla lily was often depicted in association with fertility and rebirth. The Egyptians admired the flower for its ability to thrive in both flooded landscapes and dry conditions, seeing it as a symbol of adaptation and the cyclical nature of life.

Giving calla lilies can be a way to express admiration for someone's refined beauty or to acknowledge a graceful personality. They are often given as gifts on occasions like anniversaries, Mother’s Day, a housewarming gift, or as a gesture of respect.

4. Tiger Lilies: Wealth And Pride

The tiger lily's vivid orange petals, speckled with dark spots, resemble the coat of a tiger, evoking the animal's strength and regality. This association with the tiger, an animal often seen as a symbol of power and prestige in various cultures, contributes to the flower's connection with wealth and pride.

The colour orange in flowers typically represents enthusiasm, passion, and a zest for life. In the case of tiger lilies, this vibrant colour, combined with the striking patterns, symbolises not just vitality but also a bold, unapologetic approach to whatever may come.

Tiger lilies are used to make a bold statement. They are ideal for events that celebrate personal or professional triumphs, like graduation flowers which add a sense of grandeur and recognition of achievement.

In many Asian countries, the Lunar New Year is a time to welcome prosperity, health and good fortune. For cultural events focusing on prosperity, good luck, and success, tiger lilies are a popular choice, reinforcing the themes of wealth and opulence.

Conclusion About The Lily Flower’s Language And Symbolism

Each type of lily has its own special message - some stand for purity, others for love or even ambition. This language of lilies is an old tradition that lets us share special feelings without even saying a word.

Every time we give or get a lily, we're part of this beautiful, silent conversation that's been going on for centuries. It's a way to connect with people, sharing messages through the timeless beauty of these flowers.

Looking to send your own lily message? Shop from Windflower Florist to find the perfect bouquet that speaks for you. Whether it's for a first date, to show congratulations or just a thoughtful gesture, let the lilies do the talking.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Lily Flower’s Language And Symbolism

Are There Any Myths Or Legends Associated With Lilies?

Yes! An example is the Roman myth where Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, was said to have been so jealous of the lily's white beauty and purity that she caused its pistil to grow in the centre of the flower. This story contributed to the symbolism of lilies as representing both purity and fertility.

Are There Any Famous Artworks Or Literary Works Where Lilies Play A Key Role?

Lilies feature prominently in many artworks and literary pieces. A notable example is Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray," where lilies, particularly white ones, symbolise both purity and death. In art, Diego Rivera's paintings often include lilies, representing beauty and transience.

What Is The Historical Origin Of Lilies Being Associated With Funerals?

Lilies have been used in funerary rites dating back to ancient Greece, where they were associated with the goddess Hera and symbolised the restoration of innocence after death. This tradition has continued in various forms across different cultures.

Can The Scent Of Lilies Carry Symbolic Meanings?

Yes, in addition to their visual symbolism, the scent of lilies can also be significant. A fragrant lily often symbolises the amplification of the message it carries. For instance, a strongly scented white lily might intensify its representation of purity and spirituality.



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