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4 Must Know Facts: Meaning Of Flowers

Flowers can be represented as a way of expressing yourself. You may feel beautiful today and think of celebrating your day; flowers are your go-to. A friend just celebrated her birthday; Flower is the answer.

Are you spending your anniversary with your spouse? Flowers never fail to brighten their day.Getting married? Weddings won’t be as special without flowers. Know the meaning of flowers to represent how you feel on any occasion.

1. Flower Meanings: Wedding Flowers

Flower Meanings Wedding Flowers

Getting the proper bouquet for a special occasion may be challenging. That can be a lot of work. However, a great place to begin is by making sure your bouquet has all the flowers and aesthetic touches you want.


Peonies are people's choice for bridal bouquets because of their range of colours, from pink to purple to blue. Since fewer flowers of this size are required to adorn the same area, you may save money and reduce waste. You may give some much-needed dimension to your bridal bouquet thanks to the unique pattern formed by their inner petals.

They are the most fitting flowers to have on a once-in-a-lifetime occasion since they represent love, honour, happiness, beauty, and romance.


Roses, with their long history of symbolising love, passion, and sensuality, are, without a doubt, the most popular choice for a bridal bouquet. Colours like pink and crimson are favourites of the bridal crowd because they exude a sense of romance and seem more befitting of a queen than a commoner.


Because of their distinctive purple hue, these lilacs are among the best choices for brides. A downside is that they only bloom for a limited period and are difficult to locate when they are not fully bloomed. If you have your heart set on having lilacs in your bouquet or as part of your decorations for your wedding, then you should schedule your big day during the spring.

In the same way that springtime lilacs usher in the sense of renewal, they may also serve as a symbol of good fortune as you and your significant other embark on the next phase of your lives together.


Ranunculus flowers, formerly relatively unknown, are quickly rising in popularity as a go-to for weddings because of their soft petals and a vast range of available hues. Between one hundred and thirty more petals surround each central one, creating a complex pattern that will astound everyone who sees it. They are only available from May through November, so if you plan a wedding for the end of the year, you should talk to your wedding florist as soon as possible to ensure you have the flowers you want.

The ranunculus flower is a terrific method to express your adoration for your significant other because it stands for all that is endearing and beautiful about them.


When viewed from a distance, the maze-like pattern formed by the petals of a hydrangea flower is suggestive of a beating heart, making it an appropriate symbol of romantic love. They come in a rainbow of hues, guaranteeing you'll discover the perfect match for your wedding's colour scheme.

If you and your spouse-to-be value grace, harmony, love, and beauty in your relationship, a bouquet of hydrangeas would be a lovely addition to your wedding flower arrangements.

2. Flower Meanings: Apology Flowers

Apologising can be very hard especially when you’ve hurt your loved ones badly. Fixing things with a close friend or a partner after a big fight can be challenging. You wish to communicate your deepest regret but fear that words will fall short. One of the most heartfelt ways to express regret is through flowers. Apology flowers symbolise sincerity. With the proper bouquet, they form a sincere peace offering that words alone could never match.

White Tulips

White tulips are first on the list since they have become the standard “sorry flower”. White tulips are often associated with funerals, yet their meaning goes much beyond that of a morbid symbol. Elegant white tulips may put anybody in a good mood and help mend broken friendships.

Adding a few pink tulips stems to a bouquet of white tulips is a great way to add some vibrancy without taking away from the significance of the flowers.

White Orchids

Inexpensive white orchid, can create a lovely yet uncomplicated arrangement. They are symbols of modesty and honesty. Humbling oneself is the key to a successful apology. The key is to put the connection ahead of your pride and abandon your ego.

Enhance the significance of your apology flowers by including a couple of stems of pink orchids. They are endearing and entertaining, certain to bring a grin to anyone's face.

Pink Carnation

An offering of carnations symbolises a fresh start and an attempt at mending fences with a loved one. The many hues of these blooms have additional symbolic significance. Pink carnations symbolise not just harmony and peace but also recollection and appreciation.

Pink carnations are a genuine, thoughtful, and emotional way to express your regret to someone you care deeply about. It's a sign of optimism and a new beginning for the couple.


Roses symbolise love and sincerity. Each colour of the roses symbolises different meanings. So if you've hurt a loved one these, you can give this to her/him

The red rose signifies love, beauty, and bravery. A crimson rosebud represents innocence and freshness. A crimson, thornless rose symbolises an instantaneous attraction.

Friendship, happiness, and a fresh start are all represented by yellow flowers. Thankfulness and admiration are conveyed with a bouquet of pink roses, especially a dark pink bouquet. The traditional meanings of light pink roses are appreciation and/or compassion.

3. Flower Meaning: Friendship Flower

Who says we can’t celebrate a friend-anniversary? Celebrating your friend’s success and just randomly making your friend’s day can definitely put them in a good mood. Here are flowers you can give to your friends:

Flower Meaning Friendship Flower


Did you know sunflowers have historically been associated with the "friendship flower?" The origins of the symbol may be found in Greek mythology. Supposedly, a nymph named Clytie had feelings for Apollo. She was devoted to the sun deity and worshipped him.

At some point, Apollo's attention shifted to another nymph. Sunflowers have long been associated with love and devotion, and that connotation remains today. A traditional bouquet of sunflowers is a beautiful way to express your commitment to a special friend.

Gerbera Daisies

Untrained eyes could mistake gerbera daisies for the more popular and well-known sunflowers. These blossoms have the traditional friendship flower's significance but appear in a wider range of colours than only yellow.

Specifically, gerbera daisies in purple are breathtaking. Stunning beauty best describes these blossoms. As a token of your deep appreciation, present your buddy with a bouquet of beautiful blossoms.

The yellow gerbera daisy is a safe pick if you want to present flowers that convey less of a romantic message. The bright yellow colour of gerbera daisies has become a symbol of joy and happiness. 

They're the ideal bouquet for congratulating a pal on a recent achievement. Yellow gerbera daisies are a cheerful present for every occasion, from graduation to housewarming events.

Yellow Roses

Roses are a lovely gesture regardless of your feelings towards the recipient. Roses may be found in a wide variety of colours, not simply the traditional red associated with Valentine's Day. The yellow flowers also signify fresh beginnings, friendship, and sunshine.

If you want to mend fences with a buddy, offer them a bouquet of yellow roses. Sometimes, without meaning to, we say or do things that cause pain to the people closest to us. Sending someone bouquets of sorry flowers is a terrific method to win back their favour.


Daffodils are one of the earliest spring flowers to appear. They herald the start of a new year, a new season, and a new beginning.

As a solitary stem, the daffodil is a symbol of doom and gloom. A bouquet of daffodils, however, conveys a far deeper message. It's a sign that you mean to bring someone good fortune and joy.

Flowers like daffodils are often used at festivities all around the world. These are among the most popular Chinese New Year flowers in Singapore. Giving someone a bouquet of these flowers during New Year's shows that you wish them nothing but success in the next year.

4. Flower Meanings: By Color

Flower Meanings By Colour

Flowers were an exceptionally delicate means of communication. Some plants, such as roses, poppies, and lilies, might convey various emotions based on their hue. 

Consider, for instance, the varied meanings given to flowers of various hues: 

  • Pink flowers - signifies "I'll never forget you"
  • Crimson flowers - "my heart hurts for you"
  • Purple white -  "the sweet and beautiful"
  • White-violet - symbolises innocence
  • Purple violet - indicates that the bouquet's sender was "preoccupied with love."
  • Red tulips - were given to confess one's love. 
  • Calla lily - symbolised spectacular beauty
  • Clover - conveys "remember me."

Red roses were traditionally given to publicly declare one's love. The rose's hue is, somewhat predictably, a major factor. Although red roses are the most well-known, other hues of roses also have significant meanings:

  • White rose - represents innocence, respect, a clean slate, and a new start.
  • Crimson red rose - I adore you (Mourning)
  • Pink rose - symbolises elegance, joy, and sweetness.
  • Lavender rose -  symbolises instant adoration.
  • Coral rose - friendliness, humility, and sympathy.

Conclusion About The Meaning Of Flowers

These flowers symbolise different meanings. Hopefully you've learned about the best flowers to convey your feelings. Remember, you can always send flowers not only during events such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. You can also send flowers to a friend who you’ve hurt badly, you can also give your spouse flowers to make their day, or you can also just buy yourself flowers after having a great day. 

Have you decided what flower to give for the specific occasion? Windflower Florist has you covered with their exquisite variety of market-fresh flowers. Now is the time to get the most beautiful and fresh flowers on the market. We provide free statewide delivery to specified locations.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Meaning Of Flowers

What Does The Orange Rose Symbolise?

Orange roses are said to represent the warmth and friendliness of a relationship.

What Does It Mean To Have 12 Roses?

Victorians used 'the language of flowers' to transmit secret messages to their lovers via nosegays and tussie-mussies during the 19th century. Receiving a dozen crimson roses from a suitor was regarded as the pinnacle of romance in this lovely floral lexicon. It was a noble act that meant, and continues to signify, "be mine."

What Are Christmas Flowers?

When it comes to floral arrangements, there is almost always a significant focus on Christmas decorations. Many of the colours and symbolism associated with traditional Christmas flowers have significant connotations in Christian theology:

  • Poinsettia - Poinsettias represent Christmas best. Red, white, and pink poinsettia bracts make the plant attractive. Most believe the bract's star shape represents the Star of Bethlehem, which guided the Three Kings to Jesus. Poinsettia's red and white leaves symbolise Christ's blood and innocence, respectively.
  • Holly - Holly's crimson berries and green foliage symbolise the season's two favourite colours. A holly bush's red berries symbolise Jesus' blood, while its pointed green leaves symbolise his crown of thorns.
  • Christmas Rose - Madelon, a young shepherdess, and the Christmas Rose are linked. As Madelon cried, an angel appeared. The angel cleared snow to reveal white flowers with pink tips while comforting Madelon. Madelon gave this bouquet to the infant, starting the Christmas Rose tradition.

What Kind Of Flower Is The Most Well-known?

It's possible that different people have quite different ideas about what constitutes beautiful flowers, but we haven't come across anyone who doesn't appreciate roses. This everlasting emblem of affection may be found in a plethora of aesthetically pleasing forms, and its appeal spans the globe.


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