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What Kind Of Flowers For Valentine's Day In Singapore: Exclusive For Your Favourite Person!

What Kind Of Flowers For Valentine's Day In Singapore: Exclusive For Your Favourite Person!

Are you wondering what kind of flowers for Valentine's Day can make your favourite person, friend, or loved ones happy? Do you want to try something new with Valentine's Day flowers? 

Don't worry because, in this article, we will share where to find fresh flowers, dried and preserved flowers, Valentine's Day bouquets, flower arrangements, and more floral gifts.

Let's start!

Bouquets For Valentine's Day:

Celebrating Valentine's Day is not just about expressing your love for your spouse. It's for everyone! Now get your friends or family these beautiful flowers because they will surely appreciate the gesture.

1. Heart's Desire

Image Source: Windflower Florist

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, no idea what to give yet? Send your sweetheart a breathtaking arrangement of premium Roses, Peony, and delicate Ranunculus with the Heart’s Desire bouquet. Your better half is sure to feel even more cherished if you have chocolates or cakes to celebrate Valentine's Day with.

2.  Passionate

Image Source: Windflower Florist

Romance fills the air! Red roses are the classic way to express romantic love. We have the perfect bouquet for your special someone to show a little affection, whether it's a dozen roses to show how much you care or seven to say "I'm fascinated with you." 

They say roses are a symbol of deep love. Passionate is the perfect bouquet you will need this Valentine’s Day! 

3.  Heartthrob

Image Source: Windflower Florist

Allow us to play cupid for you this February 14th! Make it extra special by showering your sweetie with attention and affection. Give her this bouquet if she has a soft spot for coral and pastel colours. 

Just a tip: If you are confessing to someone this Valentine’s Day, how about asking her out with this Heartthrob bouquet and a box of chocolates for a change and see how bright her smile would be.

4.  Bliss

Image Source: Windflower Florist

Give your special someone a bouquet of pink roses this Valentine's Day. Pink roses symbolise gratitude and admiration. Feel your partner's Bliss and excitement when she sees you holding a teddy bear and a bouquet of flowers.

5. Cyan

Image Source: Windflower Florist

This Cyan bouquet, featuring Sola flowers, preserved roses, and other lovely blossoms is a classic way to express your feelings. Add on our Alpaca Stuffed toy to celebrate the day with bright smiles and giggles.

6. Scarlet

Image Source: Windflower Florist

Show your partner how much you love them on Valentine's Day. Your date will love our Scarlet bouquet if she is into aesthetics and loves anything that is Instagram-worthy. Look at her smile with this additional tip: a love letter or a personalised flower card can also do the  trick to spark the bond again! 

7. Cherie

Image Source: Windflower Florist

Are you planning to celebrate Valentine’s day in advance? A delightful Cherie bouquet is your go-to! These beautiful bouquets of Menta Roses are eye-catching and modern, your date will surely be impressed. 

8. Adoration

Image Source: Windflower Florist

Our Adoration bouquet’s stunning is arranged in white and light blue blooms and the arrangement is just as stunning as your date! Expect your date to smile from ear to ear as she receives this amazing bouquet. A happy smile is a sign to all things good! 

9. Delicate

Image Source: Windflower Florist

The Delicate bouquet from Windflower Florist is ideal if your date is feeling hush-hush about Valentine’s Day. An Instagram-worthy bouquet might just be the right present for your special someone. 

The exquisite beauty of dried and preserved blooms, featuring the Japanese preserved rose Temari will be the reason behind that gorgeous smile from your partner!

10. Amore

Image Source: Windflower Florist

Timeless muted colour blossoms are becoming a trendy colour palette, and they are certain to melt any heart. For Valentine's Day, we've created this charming  Amore bouquet to help you with your beautiful surprise for the one you love.

Dried And Preserved Flowers

They say giving your partner a dried and preserved flower entails a unique meaning that your love is forever. Just a simple gift guide, pair up your preserved and dried flowers by adding ice cream, cake, chocolates, or your partner's favourite food! A happy tummy is a key to the heart next to giving your partner flowers, of course!

11. Once Upon A Dream

Image Source: Windflower Florist

Is your Valentine a fan of  Disney princesses? Do you believe in true love's kiss? Well, this Once Upon A Dream bouquet of pastel pink preserved Rose, whimsical Cotton and Sola Wood flower paired with dried blooms is inspired by our childhood princesses, who are kind, graceful and responsible.

12. Windflower x Zee & Elle Cookie Gift Set Bundle

Image Source: Windflower Florist

Light, crisp, and cosy cookies, brought to you by one of our favourite patisserie. Preserved and dried flower arrangements packaged to provide joy and cheer to your Valentine.

Each Windflower x Zee & Elle Cookie Gift Set Bundle comes with the following:

  • 1x Morning Rhapsody (Cranberry Coconut)
  • 1x Afternoon Meadows (Earl Grey White Chocolate) 
  • 1x Midnight Bliss (Espresso Sea Salt) 
  • 1 x Cotton Fluff or Petite love bouquet

Get your friends this gift set bundle and watch how they smile happily as they receive this gift.

13. Windflower X Art Room by Studio Tovey Bundle

Image Source: Windflower Florist

Is your Valentine the artsy type? And do you love to write letters and are more expressive through art? We got you! 

We have partnered with Art Room by Studio Tovey to bring fun and an activity to do at home! Celebrate Valentine's Day at home with your loved ones and display your artwork alongside a little jar of preserved and dried flowers.

The Windflower X Art Room by Studio Tovey Bundle includes:

  • 1 x Mini Easel
  • 1 x 5" circle stretched canvas
  • 1 x 3cm x 4cm canvas
  • 1 x 7" x 9" canvas panel
  • 1 x 6" x 6" canvas panel
  • 1 x Set of brush
  • 1 x 12 x acrylic paint tubes
  • 1 x Collapsible water bucket
  • 1 x Paper palette
  • 1 x petite preserved & dried flowers jar arrangement ( 13cm x 16cm )

14. Forever Love Red

Image Source: Windflower Florist

This Forever Love arrangement of preserved and dried flowers is the perfect way to declare your undying love. One of the most well-liked options for gift-giving, thanks to its extended lifespan and easy maintenance requirements.


  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight to preserve colour.
  • Keep from becoming wet to prolong the life of your artwork.

Loving these flower ideas? Get a 10% early-bird discount on all Valentine’s Day orders, for a limited time only! 

Conclusion On Flowers For Valentine's Day 

We hope you had fun reading our article. We also hope it answered your question: What kind of flowers for Valentine's Day in Singapore are the best? Hopefully our list has added some insights, and tips for your gifting needs to your loved ones this Valentine’s Day.

Windflower Florist offers a 10% early-bird discount on all Valentine’s Day orders, for a limited time only. Free island-wide delivery applies. Contact us and check what is available on sale! Cookie bundle, cake bundle, and wine hampers are available as well to pair up with your amazing Valentine’s Day bouquet! 

Frequently Asked Questions On What Kind Of Flowers For Valentine's Day

Is It A Need To Have Red Roses On Valentine's Day?

As expected, red roses are the most popular choice for this holiday. However, getting this type of flower is not necessary only on Valentine's Day. With so many flower delivery services available, picking the perfect bouquet for a special someone has never been easier.

Should I Plan My Valentine's Day Gift?

Planning can help you budget, look for creative ways that your partner would appreciate and like, and give much thought to what to give during Valentine's Day can make your partner feel appreciated and loved.

Is It Okay To Give My Boyfriend Flowers?

In today's era, getting a man flowers on his special Day or during Valentine's Day is perfectly acceptable. They would enjoy and appreciate the gesture of receiving flowers. Sending them some flowers just because it will make them feel loved and cared for. Almost everyone appreciates flowers, and guys are no exception.

Is It Necessary To Always Give Flowers With Flower Cards?

One can send flowers with a signed card or anonymously if they don't want to share their thoughts. The point is to celebrate Valentine's Day with an element of surprise! In addition, it's a very romantic gesture.



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