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What To Buy For Valentine's Day In Singapore: The Secret To Long-Lasting Relationships

Image Source: Freepik

Have you been wondering what to buy for Valentine's Day? Fun fact: Valentine's Day is one of the secrets to a long-lasting relationship. Why? You’ll find the answer after reading about all these lovely Valentine’s Day gifts.

1.Sweet Treats

Image Source: Windflower Florist

Our favourite part of Valentine's Day gifts is the widespread promotion of sweet treats. Luxury chocolates are a great Valentine's Day gift, and Singapore has a wide selection of chocolatiers. Enjoy the day with overloaded sweetness!

If you and your partner love to bond together over cookies while having a movie date,Windflower x Zee & Elle Cookie Gift Set Bundle is your go-to!


2. Resin Earring

Image Source: Windflower Florist

A pair of earrings made of resin could make a great Valentine's Day gift. No matter the occasion, jewellery will always be welcomed as they are part of a lady's wardrobe. And they do not necessarily need to dazzle! A simple pair of earrings to complete an outfit can easily boost self-esteem and confidence. Why not get this bundle from Windflower Florist?


3.  Boite De Fleur White Wine

Image Source: Windflower Florist

Planning a candle-lit dinner? Want something to display that can set the mood for date-night?  Have a  Boite De Fleur White Wine arranged in our signature felt box and celebrate Valentine’s Day intimately with your special someone. 


4. Glass Flower Dome

Image Source: Windflower Florist

A Glass Flower Dome has been a growing trend because of how aesthetically pleasing it looks. Pair it up with chocolates, a cute teddy bear, and a love letter for your favourite person. Delicate flowers are handpicked and preserved to last a lifetime. Arranged in three different colour options.

You may want to check out why preserved flowers are gaining popularity these days!


5. Snack Box II

Image Source: Windflower Florist

Are you working through Valentine's Day or are your schedules not aligned with your partner? We have a fuss free Snack Box just for you! Show how much you appreciate each other by sending a gift he/she could snack on while at work

This gift hamper includes:

  • Gluten Free Honey & Oat Cookies
  • Rosehip Crisps
  • Taylors Scottish Breakfast Tea
  • Ferrero Rocher (5pcs)
  • Petite Bouquet 

You may also want to add up a flower card to make her/his day even better!


6. Goodies Delight

Image Source: Windflower Florist

Enjoy Valentine’s day with Goodies Delight! Let the sweetness overflow and the romance glow as you celebrate and spend quality time over these goodies. 

Hamper includes:

  • Amazin’ Graze Nutty Protein Trail Mix
  • Farmhouse Gluten Free Honey & Oat Cookies
  • Rosehip Crisps
  • Ferrero Rocher (5pcs)
  • Sparkling Grape Juice


7. Bliss

Image Source: Windflower Florist

Celebrate the occasion with Bliss, our bouquet of pink roses that signifies gratitude, admiration and joy. Make your partner feel adored and cherished! Don't forget to add on some sweet treats as well.


8. Delicate

Image Source: Windflower Florist

Japanese preserved rose, Temari steals the limelight in our Delicate bouquet. This sweet splendour of dried and preserved blooms will make your sweetheart blush. The colour exudes a joyful yet captivating vibe and that is what makes dried and preserved flowers so unique.


9. Amore

Image Source: Windflower Florist

For Valentine's Day this year, we have crafted Amore, a bouquet that exudes charm in a rustic and romantic way. Win the hearts of your loved ones with the intricate and delicate soft petals of these fresh flowers!


10. Passionate

Image Source: Windflower Florist

Flowers are not only for the ladies, this Passionate rose bouquet  might be the one for him. Spoil your man and give him this bouquet with his favourite game or car accessories! He’ll surely appreciate these gestures with fluttering butterflies in his stomach!


11. Adoration

Image Source: Windflower Florist

A stunning Adoration bouquet with light blue and white hues! If this is your partner’s favourite colour palette, this bouquet will surely put a broad smile on their face.


12. Cyan

Image Source: Windflower Florist

Make your special someone feel extra wonderful with this Cyan bouquet crafted with Sola flowers, preserved roses, and an assortment of filler flowers. Add a teddy bear and a flower card to show them you appreciate them!


13. Heartthrob

Image Source: Windflower Florist

Let us be your cupid this Valentine’s Day! On this special day, your partner should feel loved, cherished, and indulged. This Heartthrob bouquet is an ideal gift if she adores pastel and coral hues.


14. Heart's Desire

Image Source: Windflower Florist

On Valentine's Day, make a spectacular display of affection with this enchanting Heart's Desire bouquet of premium roses, peonies, and ranunculus. We guarantee that your partner will feel extra special and appreciated!


15. Scarlet

Image Source: Windflower Florist

Feel the love season and express your feelings for your beloved! Our Scarlet bouquet never fails to bring a smile. The delicate white Sola flower stands out in this bouquet, coupled with various maroon-coloured filler flowers.


16. Cherie

Image Source: Windflower Florist 

Love is in the air! Celebrate Valentine's Day with your other half and spark the romance by giving her this Cherie bouquet! An elegant bouquet of Menta Roses will light up your partner’s face as she sees you walking towards her with this gorgeous bouquet! 


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Conclusion On What To Buy For Valentine's Day

Make your partner feel loved and appreciated by giving them a beautiful bouquet! 

The secret to a long-lasting relationship is to learn how to appreciate and nurture your partner, and that's why Valentine's Day is one of the secrets to a long-lasting relationship. This is your chance to rekindle the romance, bond, and get to know your partner all over again! 

But remember, love is always in the air, not just on Valentine's Day. 

Express how you feel with romantic gifts that come in bundles and check out our best Valentine's Day bouquets in Singapore!

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Frequently Asked Questions On What To Buy For Valentine's Day

What Are Other Valentine's Day Gift Ideas?

Here are other Valentine's Day gift ideas:

What Are Other Great Gifts To Give For Your Mother This Valentine's Day?

Here are other great gifts to give to your mom:

  • Scented candle set
  • Homemade cocoa bombs
  • Staycation or Spa
  • A new oven

What Are Other Gift Ideas For Men?

Here are some gift ideas for your boyfriend or husband:

  • Shirt bar
  • Favourite computer games
  • Purchase new shoes
  • Flowers 

What Is Valentine's Day In The Twenty-First Century?

Although Valentine's Day is honoured in other parts of the world, other countries have established their traditions for this holiday. In various regions of the world, Valentine's Day is a day for family and friends to express their love. 

Some customs involve leaving candies and gifts for youngsters, while others involve expressing gratitude to friends.


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